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Lufthansa to charge extra for using other websites

The German airline wants customers to book directly through its own system.
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A J. Crew logo is seen on a glass door of one of its retail clothing stores in Chicago, Illinois.

Sweater snafus unravel J.Crew's quarterly earnings

Sales were off more than 5 percent from last year at the fashion retailer.
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In drenched Texas, the drought may be over ... or not

Identifying the end of a dry period can be as hard as dating the beginning of one.
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An airline staff member feeds a race horse in October 2008 at the Animal Lounge at Frankfurt's international airport, after the animal was flown back from an equestrian tournament in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

When horses fly

Leg room costs extra on flights, whether you have two feet or four.
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The site of the Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash disaster at the Kingston Fossil Plant in December 2008.

Mixed feelings for landfill run deep in Alabama

Residents protest the dump that generates millions in revenue for poor rural area.
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IBM logo.

States take back some economic incentives

Businesses that don't make good on promised jobs are seeing their benefits suspended.
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Parent Gap Inc. benefits as Old Navy gets stylish

But the Gap retail stores are suffering from an identity crisis.
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Even with insurance, people avoid the doctor

Insurance plans with high deductibles and co-pays, mean rising out-of-pocket costs.
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Wal-Mart reports results after hiking workers' pay

Will the costs of Wal-Mart's much-publicized pay hike hurt its bottom line?
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classical music

Classical music sales enter 'survival mode'

Beethoven needs more of Beyonce's audiences — young and diverse.
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