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One rare-disease biotech company buys another

Alexion, which has one drug on the market, is purchasing Synageva, which has none.
Posted In: biotech, merger, prescription drugs

Disney vs movie theaters in the next box office fight

Exploring the relationship between studios and theater owners.
Posted In: Marvel, disney, movie theaters, The Avengers
McDonald's french fries sit under a heat lamp at a restaurant in San Francisco.

McDonald's wants to serve up a giant turnaround

The company's huge size and long history complicate its efforts to keep up
Posted In: McDonald's, corporate profits
Quarterback Jameis Winston is expected to be a top pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

The NFL draft comes to Chicago

The city hosts the event with much fanfare but at what cost?
Posted In: NFL draft, Chicago, NFL, New York
The amount of hip replacement surgeries has increased drastically since 2000.

Hip surgery: a procedure surges in popularity

Companies are negotiating with select hospitals to keep surgery costs under control.
Posted In: surgery, hip replacement, orthopaedics

Why car insurance rates vary wildly by state

States with lots of lawsuits tend to have higher insurance rates.
Posted In: car insurance, maine, North Carolina
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico could run out of money in three months

The economy crashed when corporations moved out, but the government kept spending.
Posted In: Puerto Rico, government, shutdown
Plastic bottles and cans took over glass bottles as the drink holder of choice for beverage distributors in the late '50s.

How the humble glass bottle lost its appeal

Plastic proved more convenient than glass. Now it's easier to recycle, too.
Posted In: recycling, glass, plastic, waste

Why NBA is first U.S. pro league to go to Cuba

The NBA plans a basketball clinic in Cuba for later this month.
Posted In: NBA, cuba, basketball
An oil rig extracts petroleum.

Oil layoffs start at wellheads and work their way up

Unemployment claims have doubled in Texas as the oil industry sheds workers.
Posted In: oil industry, Unemployment, texas


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