David Weinberg is a reporter for KCRW and former staff reporter at Marketplace. Before that, David freelanced for Marketplace from New Orleans and St. Louis, and worked odd jobs in Seattle, Alaska, Mexico and New York.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog. He also hosts the podcast "Random Tape."


Features by David Weinberg

Why don't employers make it easier to apply for a job?

Why don't employers make it easier to apply for a job?
Posted In: job market, unemployement, job applications
BP's oil refinery complex continues it's 24-hour production of petroleum and gas at Grangemouth in central Scotland. Projections for oil demand are the lowest since 2009.

Weak demand for oil is sign of weak global economy

What does weak demand for oil say about the overall economy?
Posted In: gas prices, Oil, international energy agency, global economy

Explaining the theory that got Jean Tirole his Nobel

In short, Tirole showed the complexities of negotiating with regulators.
Posted In: Nobel Prize, regulation
A pumpjack works oil from the ground near the loaction of the second stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, on June 4, 2014 in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

What could slow U.S.'s surging oil output? Low prices.

Fracking for oil is expensive, so at some point falling prices will make some wells unprofitable.
Posted In: big oil, Saudi Arabia, texas

"Twin Peaks" returns to a TV landscape it helped create

David Lynch broke ground for today's best — and darkest — series decades ago.
Posted In: Twin Peaks, Showtime

Boeing projects global air travel will double

Growth in air travel will also mean an increase in global carbon emissions.
Posted In: air travel, carbon emissions, Boeing

How resorts ended up in those oval car decals

Decals originally to mark country-of-origin came to state resort-of-choice
Posted In: stickers, wealth, cars, summer vacation

High times in Washington and Colorado

As of today, both states offer retail marijuana sales. But how do they differ?
Posted In: marijuana, Washington, Colorado State

Musicians protest movie studios recording overseas

Professional musicians in the Los Angeles aren't happy.
Posted In: Lionsgate, film industry, musician
Pump jacks

Oil from fracking may end U.S. ban on exporting oil

Ultralight oil made by fracking is seeping through cracks in the U.S. ban on oil exports.
Posted In: crude oil, OPEC


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