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It's a really, really, really big economy

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 14, 2005
You knew China's economy was big, right?But what if the 800-pound Gorilla was actually heavier than first thought? Jocelyn Ford reports on what's expected from a new Chinese economic census due to be released later this month.

European telecom law

Stephen Beard | Dec 14, 2005
The European parliament has passed a new law it says will help it catch terrorists. The law forces telecom companies to store their call data to help police in investigations. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard reports.

Doha subsidies

| Dec 13, 2005
Today in Hong Kong 149 countries sat down for six days of talks. They're trying to hammer out a World Trade Organization agreement on subsidies and tariffs on agriculture. The World Bank says this round of's called the Doha round...could lift a half billion people in the Third World out of poverty. But Curt Nickisch's the rich countries that are holding up progress.
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DirecTV fined

John Dimsdale | Dec 13, 2005
December's phone bill is turning out to be a big one for DirecTV. The Federal Trade Commission has fined the satellite television company almost $5.5 million. Regulators say telemarketers working for DirecTV made sales pitches to households that had signed up for the Do Not Call list. From Washington, Marketplace's John Dimsdale reports.
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Islamic economies

| Dec 13, 2005
Today's the last official day of campaigning in Iraq. Parliamentary elections will be held there on Thursday. Iraqis living in this country have been casting their absentee ballots today. The 275 new lawmakers will have four year terms. They'll have to create new democratic institutions. And...says writer and commentator Reza economic ones, too.
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Spaceports, New Mexico and Richard Branson

| Dec 13, 2005
The newest transportation hub in the United States will be built in New Mexico. Not an airport or a train station. It's something a bit more...out there. The state of New Mexico and uber-entrepreneur Richard Branson are building a Spaceport.
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Making a better Christmas tree

Janet Babin | Dec 13, 2005
The White House has one. Rockefeller Center has a big one. 25 million homes around the country have one. They're the essential prop in any good Christmas story. The Christmas tree, of course. Consumers look for tall trees, full and vibrant. But it's a long road from sapling to that kind of splendor, and some question whether the social and environmental costs are worth it. From the Marketplace Innovations desk at WUNC, Janet Babin reports.

Mapping cancer

Helen Palmer | Dec 13, 2005
Scientists have decoded the human genome, the chimp genome, and the cow and the yeast and the rat and the dog genome. Today the National Institutes of Health launched a new project, to map the cancer genome. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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Shakeup at Wendy's

Amy Scott | Dec 13, 2005
Another billionaire investor is trying to shake things up at a major American company. Nelson Peltz wants Wendy's to spin off its Tim Horton's coffee shops and other brands like Baja Fresh. Peltz isn't exactly a corporate raider in the tradition of Carl Icahn or Kirk Kerkorian. But those three...and others like them...have CEOs everywhere looking over their shoulders. Marketplace's Amy Scott has that story.

Essay Test

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 13, 2005
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