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FBI looking to upgrade

Janet Babin | Mar 14, 2006
The FBI says it's going to spend $500 million to help overhaul its computer system. The winner of the contract is expected to be announced within the next 30 days. From the Innovations Desk, Janet Babin reports.

Are online ads off-target?

| Mar 14, 2006
First it was BMW. Now Lincoln-Mercury is turning to online movies to boost car sales. But as Eric Niiler reports, the carmaker's latest venture isn't winning rave reviews.

Now playing: Debt ceiling drama

Scott Tong | Mar 14, 2006
The debt ceiling is supposed to put a limit on how much the US Treasury can borrow. But, historically, this issue's provided a lot more heat than light. Scott Tong reports.
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China focusing on rural development

Jocelyn Ford | Mar 14, 2006
Today, the one day a year when China's prime minister gives a press conference -- at the close of the congress' annual session -- the Chinese word for "farmer" came up a lot. Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing.

McClatchy Buying Knight-Ridder

Bob Moon | Mar 13, 2006
The McClatchy Company is buying the country's second-largest newspaper publishing company, Knight-Ridder Inc., for $4.5 billion. McClatchy plans to sell 12 of Knight-Ridder's 32 newspapers. Bob Moon looks at why McClatchy would sell these papers, who might buy them and why.

Changing dollars to euros

Alisa Roth | Mar 13, 2006
The United Arab Emirates is considering shifting 10% of the country's foreign exchange holdings from US dollars into euros, twice as much as previously planned. Alisa Roth reports on whether investors should be concerned.

'Da Vinci Code' case

Lisa Napoli | Mar 13, 2006
Dan Brown, author of the hugely successful book "The DaVinci Code," is on the witness stand in London in a copyright infringement case brought against him by two writers who say he "appropriated the architecture" of their book. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Sex Pistols reject Hall of Fame ceremony

| Mar 13, 2006
The Sex Pistols are scheduled to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight. But the band members refuse to come to the ceremony because, they say, the price of admission is too high. Curt Nickisch reports.

NYMEX going public

Amy Scott | Mar 13, 2006
The New York Mercantile Exchange, or NYMEX, will soon be publicly traded. Amy Scott reports on how NYMEX's ways of doing business could be changing.

Mad-cow case reported in US

| Mar 13, 2006
The third American case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, was confirmed today in Alabama. Host Tess Vigeland speaks to Ernie Davis, an agricultural economist at Texas A&M University, about the case.
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