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Gobbling GM stock

Amy Scott | Oct 13, 2005
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's recent moves to acquire GM stock have many wondering what his strategy for the ailing automaker might be. Amy Scott reports.

Staking a stem cell claim

Scott Tong | Oct 13, 2005
Most polls indicate broad support for stem cell research, but Washingtona€™s official stance is to restrict funding. Scott Tong reports that states are racing to fill the void.
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BP sweet on China

Stephen Beard | Oct 13, 2005
The British oil giant BP could be on the brink of a major deal with China. Reports in the British press say the company wants to forge an alliance with China's biggest oil refiner. Stephen Beard reports from London.

Finding room — at the inn

Dan Grech | Oct 13, 2005
FEMA is racing toward its Saturday goal of moving all Katrina evacuees out of temporary housing. Which means some are winding up in hotels, which isn't cheap. Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

Boeing courts India

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 13, 2005
Boeing president and CEO Jim Albaugh arrives in New Delhi today to meet with Indian government officials. Miranda Kennedy has the story.
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Stacey Vanek Smith | Oct 13, 2005
The tech-heavy NASDAQ dropped 23 points Wednesday for its lowest close in nearly five months. Stacey Vanek Smith reports.
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Freddie Mac to prop up post-hurricane housing

Tess Vigeland | Oct 13, 2005
Freddie Mac plans to buy up to $1 billion in tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds. Tess Vigeland sorts out how the move will help hurricane victims.

McDonand's vs. Starbucks

Brian Watt | Oct 13, 2005
There's a fight brewing in suburban Chicago over whether a shopping mall is big enough for both food service titans. Brian Watt reports.

Not talking now

Ruth Kirchner | Oct 13, 2005
US and China textile talks have ended — with no deal. Ruth Kirschner reports from Beijing.

Nano is so 10 minutes ago

Alisa Roth | Oct 12, 2005
Just weeks after Apple came out with its Nano mp3 player, it introduced a new iPod today. The little guy plays music &#8212; and music videos &#8212; and <em>Desperate Housewives</em>. Alisa Roth has more.