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Growth through innovation

Sam Eaton | Jan 12, 2006
Bold predictions abound that by 2030, if not sooner, China will become the world's largest economy. But getting there may depend on more than just making stuff for really cheap. To sustain that growth, China needs to move up the food chain. For our Sustainability Desk, Sam Eaton reports from the southern city of Shenzen near Hong Kong.

Meet the Gao Family: Part IV

Scott Tong | Jan 12, 2006
All week we've been profiling a middle-class family in Shanghai - 30-something parents with a young daughter. Today we meet their housekeeper, Zhao Xue. She's 43 years old, and one of 200 million Chinese who have left the countryside for the city. It's a huge chapter in China's ongoing trend of urbanization. Scott Tong has her story.

Bankruptcies R Us

Bob Moon | Jan 11, 2006
Over 2 million American households filed for bankruptcy in 2005. Bob Moon reports that it wasn't just financial troubles; people were rushing to file before a Congressionally-mandated reform law made it harder to do.
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India flying high with Boeing

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 11, 2006
Boeing sold 68 planes to government-owned India Air today, which could be a pretty big deal for India. Boeing will spend $175 million on a repair facility and a pilot training facility. Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi.

Hard to oversee all those teeny tiny little particles...

Janet Babin | Jan 11, 2006
Nanotechnology involves tiny lab creations with the potential to revolutionize everything from makeup to surgery, and it's big business. But a new report says government oversight of the industry comes up short. From the Innovations Desk at North Carolina Public Radio, Janet Babin explains.

China's growing pains

| Jan 11, 2006
China's pace of economic growth has been sizzling. What's it like to live with that kind of accelerated boom? Commentator Robert Reich puts China's breakneck modernization into perspective.

Betting on Iraq's future

Stephen Beard | Jan 11, 2006
Next week, a $3 billion chunk of government bonds, bearing the name of the Republic of Iraq, will begin trading in London. This represents Iraq's first appearance on the world's markets in years, and a test of its creditworthiness. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

The battle for home

| Jan 11, 2006
In New Orleans today, a key commission proposed that all sections of the city have a chance to rebuild. Cheryl Glaser discusses the issues with Peter Kovacs, managing editor of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Biloxi blues

Stephen Smith | Jan 11, 2006
In Biloxi, Mississippi, old casinos are reopening, and new ones promised. Federal cash is on the way to help folks who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina and didn't have flood insurance. But will the money come in time? From the Marketplace Sustainability Desk, Stephen Smith of American RadioWorks reports.

In search of a Reincarnated Lama...

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 11, 2006
O.K. So how would YOU go about finding a Reincarnated Lama in China?...
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