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Feeling economically surly? You're not alone.

Scott Tong | Sep 30, 2005
We got our first real set of post-Katrina economic numbers today, and it ain't a pretty picture. We're earning less, spending less, and saving less. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.

Online sales tax plan

Brian Watt | Sep 30, 2005
When you do your retail shopping online, you don't have to pay sales tax, right? Well, some states have decided that's wrong. Marketplace's Brian Watt has the story.

Finding the right people for the job

Sam Eaton | Sep 30, 2005
The House starts debate on a new energy bill next week. Lawmakers are trying to find ways to increase oil and natural gas production and bump up refining capacity. But capacity isn't the only problem; Sam Eaton reports.

On poverty: it serves no one

| Sep 30, 2005
In a special series of commentaries this week we've been asking these two questions: Does poverty serve anyone's interests? And if so, whose? Today, John Steele Gordon says poverty has no stakeholders.

The week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 30, 2005
Analyst David Johnson rounds up the week on Wall Street with host Kai Ryssdal and gives him some travel advice.

See you real soon, Michael Eisner

| Sep 30, 2005
Today is Michael Eisner's last day running the Walt Disney company &mdash; he's stepping down after more than two decades. His tenure is chronicled in James B. Stewart's upcoming book <em>DisneyWar</em>.

A sunny harvest

| Sep 30, 2005
Despite the troubles farmers have had in the midwest this summer, one group of family farmers is sitting pretty. Carl Marziali explains.

<a href="">On Poverty</a>

| Sep 30, 2005
This week, Marketplace commentators look at these questions: Does poverty serve anyone's interests? If so, whose?

Reopening the silk road

Jocelyn Ford | Sep 30, 2005
Nowadays, most folks travel China's silk road as a history lesson. But a caravan of trucks now on its way from China to Europe is on a trial run to reopen the route to commerce. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Get on the bus

| Sep 30, 2005
To conserve gas, President Bush has suggested we should all drive less, or at least only when we have to. Commentator Mike Revzin says he'd be glad to take public transportation in his home city of Atlanta &mdash; if he could.