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Curtain rises on Enron trial

Tess Vigeland | Jan 30, 2006
Jury selection is scheduled today in the biggest corporate corruption scandal since the Lincoln Savings and Loan debacle. But as Tess Vigeland reports, it won't be a slamdunk for prosecutors.

Ben Bernanke preview

Lisa Napoli | Jan 30, 2006
Economist Eric Talley previews Ben Bernanke's tenure as Fed Chief with host Lisa Napoli.
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Ford's tax breaks

Scott Jagow | Jan 30, 2006
While Ford moves ahead with plans to cut 30,000 jobs, Newsweek Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan tells host Scott Jagow the company got $250 million in tax breaks last year to create jobs that never materialized.

Indian shopping

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 30, 2006
Shopping malls in India are teeming with people, but only a few are actually buying anything. Miranda Kennedy looks at why and what retailers are doing to change that.

MTA strikes back?

Alisa Roth | Jan 30, 2006
More than a month after New Yorkers were left stranded in the cold by a transit strike, the union and the transit authority are still squabbling over a new contract. Is another strike in the offing? Alisa Roth takes a look.

Dutch solution no fix for New Orleans

Sam Eaton | Jan 30, 2006
As the Big Easy rebuilds in the wake of Katrina, some are calling for a Dutch-style network of levees and flood control structures. But a study to be presented this week warns such coastal protections would destroy the region's wetlands. Sam Eaton reports.

Beware the black worm

Janet Babin | Jan 30, 2006
More than 2 million computers have reportedly been infected by the black worm virus, a time-delayed gremlin that's supposed to make hard drives go haywire when it activates this Friday. But as Janet Babin reports from the Innovation Desk, it might be more marketing than menance.

Alcohol deaths

Stephen Beard | Jan 30, 2006
Britain has the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths of any country in Europe. Stephen Beard reports on the economic toll.

Exxon profits

Scott Tong | Jan 30, 2006
A quick quiz...which company's revenue last year was greater than the gross domestic product of Saudi Arabia? It's Exxon -- which today reported the largest quarterly profits for a public company ever, $10.7 billion dollars in the last quarter of 2005. Marketplace's Scott Tong has details.

A new year for China

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 30, 2006
The new year got off to a tragic start in China yesterday, when an explosion at a fireworks factory in central China killed 36. Nevertheless, Chinese are optimistic about the Year of the Dog.