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DeLay trial - cash or check?

| Nov 23, 2005
The judge in the Tom DeLay money laundering trial has begun considering whether the charges against the former House majority leader are worth a trial. Larry Schooler looks at the issues before the judge.

Poultry fears in China

Ruth Kirchner | Nov 23, 2005
New outbreaks of bird flu have triggered restrictions on poultry imports in Hong Kong, and poultry sales are way down. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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Britain, Bush, and Al Jazeera

Stephen Beard | Nov 23, 2005
The British Government has threatened legal action over claims that President Bush suggested bombing the offices of the Arab news organization Al Jazeera. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Can the holidays save the airlines?

Dan Grech | Nov 23, 2005
This holiday season is expected to be the busiest ever for airlines. That's not great news for flyers, who face long lines and cramped cabins. So is it good news for the airline? From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

Gold nears $500 an ounce

Bob Moon | Nov 22, 2005
The price of an ounce of gold is almost $500. Bob Moon has the story on why gold - and other commodities - has become so pricey.

Feliz Navidad from Hugo Chavez

Helen Palmer | Nov 22, 2005
Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has a holiday gift for Americans - discounted heating oil. Helen Palmer has more.
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TV, meet the Internet

Ethan Lindsey | Nov 22, 2005
A deal was announced today between a Boston-based start-up named Brightcove, AOL, and InterActive Corp. Brightcove wants to change the way we watch TV. Is it the next big thing, or all hype? Ethan Lindsey found out.

The spy who booked me

| Nov 22, 2005
To help with holiday travel, the online travel agent Travelocity is stationing people at major US airports before and after Thanksgiving. They're on the scene to spy for you. Writer and commentator Amy Yee explains.

Turn left at the Internet

Rachel Dornhelm | Nov 22, 2005
Online mapping programs are among the most popular Internet tools. Trade in geographic data generates hundreds of millions each year. Rachel Dornhelm talked to the folks who give those online sites their sense of direction.

We get letters...

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 22, 2005
Host Kai Ryssdal read listener letters about oil prices, and things big companies really ought to avoid saying in public.



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