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Putting patents on saving money

Janet Babin | Apr 11, 2007
A growing number of inventors are patenting strategies that could save you money on your taxes. And if you use one without permission? Well, that's called patent infringement. Janet Babin reports.
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China's short on water

Scott Tong | Apr 11, 2007
Half of China's rivers are deemed too polluted to drink from. And more than 100 of its cities face what authorities call severe water shortages. Scott Tong reports on China's water-supply crisis.

Direct student loans only, please

| Apr 11, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says the federal direct student loan program works well, so we should stop having taxpayers pay more to subsidize loans issued by banks and other private lenders.

'Filmanthropists' make their mark

Sam Eaton | Apr 11, 2007
Deep-pocketed investors who are more interested in finding an audience for their messages than chasing returns at the box office are changing the business model for documentary filmmaking.
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Rainforests for a steal

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Apr 11, 2007
Greenpeace has accused 20 companies of making illegal deals with African village chiefs to log a huge chunk of the world's second largest rainforest — in some cases in exchange for bags of salt, machetes and bicycles.
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Congress considers passenger rights

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 11, 2007
Stranded airline passengers made a lot of headlines this winter, and last week a study reported that quality was down across the industry. . . again. Today lawmakers may try to legislate better service, but is that even possible?
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Mango ice-breaker for trade talks

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 11, 2007
The U.S. is trying to make nice in the global trade arena — or at least nicer. Washington is giving India greater access to the American consumer market by lifting the ban on its mangoes. In return, India's allowing Harley sales there.
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Insuring hurricane alley

John Dimsdale | Apr 11, 2007
States in hurricane alley want a national catastrophe fund, but those inland are asking why they should be burdened. And critics want to know why the insurance companies need bailouts at all when they keep posting record profits.
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Talk of a record buyout

| Apr 11, 2007
The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan is reportedly considering a takeover bid for media giant Bell Canada. The expected offer of $45 billion would make it the biggest leveraged buyout in history.
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New Index Funds

Chris Farrell | Apr 10, 2007
Index funds are boring, right? Not quite. The index fund world is in turmoil....
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