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Happy birthday, Mr. Hamilton

| Jan 11, 2007
Business historian John Steele Gordon offers his thanks to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who richly deserves his place in history — and on the $10 bill.

How to pay for Iraq jobs proposal?

John Dimsdale | Jan 10, 2007
The President is expected to propose a reconstruction package with more focus on employing Iraqis. John Dimsdale reports that there may not be enough in the budget.
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Globally, U.S. housing market hits home

Alisa Roth | Jan 10, 2007
What happens in the U.S. housing market could have a global effect, according to a United Nations report. Alisa Roth has more.
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Work and family high on Dems' agenda

Hilary Wicai | Jan 10, 2007
Congressional Democrats have a lot on their list that might be of interest to working families. Hillary Wicai talks to Kai Ryssdal from Washington.

Oil-drilling leases to get further scrutiny

Jeff Tyler | Jan 10, 2007
The Bush administration has raised the cost for leases that allow oil and natural gas companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. But critics say loopholes in the leases could still cost the U.S. billions. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Drilling into Big Oil for renewable energy funds

Sam Eaton | Jan 10, 2007
House Democrats hope to divert billions of dollars into a renewable energy fund by rolling back subsidies for oil companies. Sam Eaton reports.

Chargers to Patriots: No tickets for you

Sean Cole | Jan 10, 2007
The San Diego Chargers have banned ticket sales outside of Southern California for Sunday's NFL playoff game. It's not against the rules, as Sean Cole reports from Boston.
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Against Big Pharma, Dems act wimpy

| Jan 10, 2007
Robert Reich says a Democratic plan to let the federal government negotiate with drug companies for lower Medicare prescription costs doesn't go far enough.

Some Brits freaked by frankenbunnies

Stephen Beard | Jan 10, 2007
The debate on creating human/animal hybrid clones continues in Britain, with researchers insisting a ban will put the country behind in stem cell advances. Stephen Beard has more.
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Let's fix Social Security together

| Jan 10, 2007
Commentator Glenn Hubbard says a Democratic Congress and Republican White House <i>can</i> make really big changes in fiscal policy on issues like Social Security. If they'll just share ideas.