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Bah, inflation humbug

Scott Jagow | Dec 19, 2006
U.S. producer prices soared 2 percent in November — the biggest gain in more than 30 years. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions, says analyst Dana Soporta.
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A 'dead cat bounce' on Wall Street?

Sarah Gardner | Dec 19, 2006
Analysts are expecting positive numbers when the government releases November housing starts and wholesale prices today, but the good news may be temporary. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Battle for cheaper cable

Sam Eaton | Dec 19, 2006
The FCC decides tomorrow whether to make it easier for phone companies to enter local cable markets. Increased competition would likely drop prices for consumers, but public access channels could suffer. Sam Eaton reports.
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Small airlines fly under the merger radar

Jason Paur | Dec 19, 2006
There's been plenty of talk about big airline mergers and takeovers lately — so why aren't legacy carriers going after the smaller, money-making airlines? Jason Paur reports.
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Thai stocks plunge

| Dec 19, 2006
Stocks on the Thai exchange sank almost 20 percent after the Bank of Thailand instituted changes that effectively stopped the flow of foreign money into the market there.
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Get ready for tax form confusion

| Dec 19, 2006
Congress has reinstated billions of dollars in expiring tax breaks for 2006 — but it was too late to get the changes onto 2006 tax forms. Charla Bear reports.
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U.S. airlines exempt from carbon trading

Stephen Beard | Dec 19, 2006
The EU has altered its new carbon emission restrictions to affect only flights within Europe — at least initially. But as U.S. airlines could be missing out. Stephen Beard explains.
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AT&T, Bell South merger delayed

Dan Grech | Dec 19, 2006
The merger has one regulatory hurdle left: FCC approval. Late yesterday that hurdle got higher when FCC member Robert McDowell decided to abstain because he used to work as a telecom lobbyist. Dan Grech reports.
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Can controversy save Berlin's opera?

Ethan Lindsey | Dec 19, 2006
Berlin's opera house was packed last night for the long-awaited "Idomeneo." It was canceled in September after threats from Islamic fundamentalists, but all the extra publicity could help bring back some much-needed funding, Ethan Lindsey reports.
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Seems everybody's a buyout target

Steve Tripoli | Dec 18, 2006
A new wave of merger and acquisition announcements has been going on for months now, from biotech firms to auto parts makers. Steve Tripoli reports the shopping spree might go right past Christmas.