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Post-hurricane lessons from London

| Aug 29, 2006
Business historian John Steele Gordon says public officials overseeing reconstruction of the Gulf Coast should heed the lessons of the Great London Fire of 1666.

Preparing for Ernesto

Dan Grech | Aug 29, 2006
With Tropical Storm Ernesto bearing down on Florida, Dan Grech looks at the economic impact when a region holds its breath in advance of a potentially devastating storm.

Report on poverty

Helen Palmer | Aug 29, 2006
The Census Bureau releases its latest study on wage and poverty trends today. Helen Palmer reports that while the economy has grown, some research shows the poverty rate has risen.
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Boeing sees India sales taking off

| Aug 29, 2006
Given growing demand, the aircraft maker sees nearly $73 billion in sales to India by 2026. Jason Paur reports.
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BP runs into further trouble

| Aug 29, 2006
The British oil giant is now reported to be under federal investigation for allegedly manipulating the oil and gasoline markets. Stephen Beard reports.

Bankruptcy rates decline . . . sort of

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 29, 2006
New data show the rate of bankruptcy filings has plummeted. But Ashley Milne-Tyte reports that the numbers could be misleading.
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FEC considers rule change for campaign ads

Hilary Wicai | Aug 29, 2006
Those weeks when your TV gets taken over by campaign commercials are just around the corner. Today the Federal Election Commission will look at easing restrictions on when interest groups can run ads. Hillary Wicai reports.Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports.
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China putting $5 billion into Venezuelan oil

Jeff Tyler | Aug 28, 2006
Venezuela's energy minister said today that China will invest $5 billion on Venezuela's oil infrastructure. That mirrors a worldwide trend as China taps more oil from foreign sources. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Google eyes Microsoft's market

Janet Babin | Aug 28, 2006
The search engine giant is out with yet another new product and this one's going after a market where Microsoft is currently king. Can Google Apps lure away small to mid-size businesses? Janet Babin checks it out.
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SEC doing enough to fight insider trading?

Scott Jagow | Aug 28, 2006
It's back to '80s, at least when it comes to corporate mergers. A New York Times report says these big deals may mean a lot of insider trading. Host Scott Jagow speaks to Columbia University professor John Coffee.
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