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Mets compete with their pocketbook

Lisa Napoli | Oct 4, 2006
New York's "other" baseball team starts its playoff run today. Lisa Napoli reports that the New York Mets' success is the product of hard work — and big spending.
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A little relief for U.S. automakers

Hilary Wicai | Oct 4, 2006
Toyota's fuel-efficient line continues to outsell the rest of the field, but lower gas prices have taken some pressure off domestic automakers. Even sales of trucks and SUVs have bounced back a bit as prices at the pump drop. Hillary Wicai reports.

Car sales winners and losers

Amy Scott | Oct 3, 2006
The auto industry today posted mixed results for September sales. Ford showed a 4.7% rise amid strong demand for its cars. Chrysler and GM? They didn't fare as well. Amy Scott reports.

What makes a boss a boss?

| Oct 3, 2006
The long-awaited "Kentucky River" ruling was reached today: Workers permanently assigned as shift supervisors count as management — which means no rights to union representation. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Americans spending much more on housing

Hilary Wicai | Oct 3, 2006
The Census Bureau's latest stats on housing costs show that in almost every state people are spending a bigger chunk of their incomes on their homes. Hillary Wicai reports.

Should have reviewed the employee handbook . . .

Dan Grech | Oct 3, 2006
The Miami Herald's publisher has resigned in a controversy over journalistic ethics and politics — sort of. The breach wasn't his, but he says he failed to effectively communicate the newspaper's policies. Dan Grech reports.

Another big delay for Airbus

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 3, 2006
EADS has confirmed that delivery of its flagship Airbus A380 will be delayed until the second half of 2007. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Financial Times reporter Doug Cameron about the possible consequences.
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Online gaming ban doesn't go far enough

| Oct 3, 2006
Internet gambling can be a big problem for the people doing the gambling. Commentator and professional gambler Lee Aaron Blair says the bill Congress just passed is only a good first step.

Five weeks, $1 billion 'til Election Day

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 3, 2006
Political candidates around the nation will collectively spend about <nobr>$1 billion</nobr> now through Nov. 7 &mdash; on top of the $1 billion they've already spent. Kai Ryssdal talks with Jordan Lieberman of Campaigns and Elections magazine about where the money's going.

The cost of caring for elderly parents

| Oct 3, 2006
Baby Boomers started turning 60 this year. Millions will face expensive retirement and healthcare issues, but many are already making major sacrifices to care for their elderly parents. Apryl Lundsten reports.