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Paid sick leave gets healthy debate

Sarah Gardner | Feb 13, 2007
There's no federal requirement for paid sick days. Democrats argue that's hurting paychecks and the workplace. But business groups aren't buying that argument. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Business moves toward the mobile office

John Dimsdale | Feb 13, 2007
Much of what we call work still needs people to happen. But offices are changing to accommodate the way we work today. John Dimsdale reports on a visit he took to a model workplace of the future.

Faux diamonds sparking a gem war

Curt Nickisch | Feb 13, 2007
This Valentine's Day, some consumers are opting for high-quality diamonds produced in a lab. They're cheaper and guilt-free — and the mined diamond industry isn't happy about it.
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Poor people gotta eat too

| Feb 13, 2007
Commentator Angela Glover Blackwell says grocers would be wise to invest in inner cities, where healthy food choices are limited and dense populations offer more profit per square foot.

Charging up the immigration debate

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 13, 2007
Bank of America is reportedly marketing credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers. The company launched the new program in 51 Los Angeles branches last week and hopes to take it national later this year.
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Paid sick days for all

Sarah Gardner | Feb 13, 2007
Democrats want to guarantee all Americans seven days of paid sick leave a year, but passing the legislation won't be a slam dunk: Some Republicans and the business lobby are resistant.
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Two checked bags? That'll be $500

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Feb 13, 2007
British Airways is coming under fire for a new policy which requires travelers to pay as much as $500 for a second piece of checked luggage. But there are many exceptions to the new rule.
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Market correction ahead

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 13, 2007
All good things must come to an end: Some analysts say Wall Street's long-lived upswing is due for a correction any day now. And it'll probably happen when we least expect it.
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Yo yo, tax man

| Feb 13, 2007
Who says there's no market for taxertainment? The company that makes TurboTax software is using rapper Vanilla Ice as a spokesman to scratch up some business.
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Car parts stuck on trains?

Steve McNally | Feb 13, 2007
Canadian National Railway workers are striking over wages and if that dispute drags on, it could stop assembly lines at U.S. auto plants in their tracks.
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