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Big banks are leaking from the SIVs

| Oct 22, 2007
The Treasury Department is rescuing big banks all over the country from poor investment decisions. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan explains to Scott Jagow how the government is saving them from "SIVs."

Financial education from soap operas?

Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
Would it be easier to learn about personal finance if your teachers were your favorite daytime soap stars? Some U.S. officials want to make it happen. Lisa Napoli talks about it with U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral.

Is marriage a good idea at your age?

Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
If you're an older couple and both of you have considerable wealth, does getting hitched make financial sense? Lisa Napoli talks to Money Magazine editor Cybele Weisser.

The 411 on dialing for information

Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
What's the best way to find info over the phone? Lisa Napoli dials some numbers.

Could you use a health-care advocate?

Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
More and more companies are hiring independent health care advocates to walk employees through the maze of provider options, and to get them speedy care. Lisa Napoli talks to BusinessWeek's Lauren Young, who successfully lobbied her own company to provide this service.
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New job-seeking tool? It's the network

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 19, 2007
The business of online networking is growing, and part of the reason is that people are using their networks to recruit and job-seek. Jeremy Hobson found that, just like it is offline, it's less about what you know -- it's who you know.
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Marketplace Money Mailbag

Chris Farrell and Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
Chris Farrell answers listener questions about advising a son on his mother's finances, investing in frontier markets, and what to do with a 401k after you've left a company.
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Straight Story: Mr. October

Chris Farrell and Lisa Napoli | Oct 19, 2007
Just in case you needed another reason to be spooked out this month, it's the 20-year anniversary of the market crash of 1987. Economics editor Chris Farrell looks back and tries to learn something.

Buzzword: COLA

| Oct 19, 2007
A big COLA can help rejuvenate the spirit and replenish a thirsty wallet. But this year, not everyone will find their Social Security COLA all that refreshing.

'Sugar daddies' get what they pay for

Sean Cole | Oct 19, 2007
Of all the different ways to earn and invest money that we talk about, this is one method we don't necessarily advise. But that doesn't mean some folks aren't doing it. Reporter Sean Cole looked into "sugar daddies" and the "sugar babies" who want them.
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