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Too few native highly-skilled workers

Dan Grech | Mar 10, 2008
Two new studies challenge notions that foreign-born highly-skilled workers displace ones born in the U.S. Dan Grech reports the U.S. isn't producing enough people in skilled fields to fill American companies' demands.

Economy crucial in Spanish election

Doug Krizner | Mar 10, 2008
Spanish voters narrowly re-elected Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to his second term, with economy their number one issue. Doug Krizner talks to John Peet of The Economist magazine about a slowdown in Spain's economy.

Ending Africa's commodity concerns

| Mar 10, 2008
A movement through Africa is hoping to deregulate agriculture and let markets determine prices. Terry FitzPatrick reports a new exchange in Ethiopia may help end farmers' uncertainty.
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It's the Holiday Inn Express, next to Knowledge Village.

meaw | Mar 10, 2008
First of all, greetings from Dubai. If you've never been here, if you have, or even if you don't think you'll ever come, this is a place you ought...
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Fed loan to banks set to double

Bob Moon | Mar 10, 2008
On the heels of the credit market's latest turn for the worse, the Federal Reserve is offering to step in and almost double the $160 billion it's loaning to banks. Bob Moon reports it's not clear how long banks will need to recover.

Memoirs of a 'Turnaround Kid'

| Mar 10, 2008
Corporate freelancer Steve Miller's book, "The Turnaround Kid," details some of his adventures working for major American companies. Fortune's Allan Sloan tells Lisa Napoli why it's an atypical business memoir.
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Cab Driver Econ

meaw | Mar 10, 2008
If you don't have a car in Dubai, you can spend half your life in a cab. So I've gotten to know a few drivers since I arrived last week. Most come...

It all began along a creek in the desert

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 10, 2008
Kai Ryssdal introduces Marketplace's week in Dubai -- a city that wants to be the most influential place in the Middle East, the hub for everything in this world that can be bought, made or traded.

The real Emiratis

Stephen Beard | Mar 9, 2008
There are about 1.7 million people in Dubai. Most of them are foreigners, imported to drive its growth. Best estimates are that only 15% of the population is native-born, and that ratio could fall even lower. Stephen Beard introduces us to Dubai's vanishing breed -- the real Emiratis.

A Secret Union

Richard Core | Mar 9, 2008
As I finish washing my face, I see out of the corner of my eye someone standing right by me. About one foot away from me. Or at least that's what...