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Aspiring textile mogul: 'You can't give up'

| Dec 20, 2007
Why would anyone choose to get into the textile business, where the work is monotonous and the competition is brutal. Jon Miller went to Lima, Peru, to bring us the story of one man who did. It's the latest installment in our "Working" series.


Chris Farrell | Dec 20, 2007
Question: Hi folks, We were just sitting here listening to Chris Farrell say that the AMT should be eliminated. We agree that changes need to be...
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FTC OKs Google-DoubleClick deal

Lisa Napoli | Dec 20, 2007
The Federal Trade Commission this morning gave Google the OK to take over online ad company DoubleClick. Digital privacy advocates who fought the merger think this is very bad news. Lisa Napoli reports.

Just kidding about that 'recession' thing

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Dec 20, 2007
The final GDP numbers are in, and the economy grew 4.9 percent in the third quarter, despite the looming threat of recession. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks into why, and reports some economists are still cautious.
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No more parties inside the House

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Dec 20, 2007
New ethics rules are forbidding members of Congress to participate in any event that would honor them. But congressional watchdogs don't trust the restrictions as the House finds loopholes. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Irish eyes are smiling on the U.S.

| Dec 20, 2007
Irish tourism to the U.S. is thriving, thanks to a weak dollar and Ireland's fast-growing economy. Don Duncan reports from New York City, where many of the 300,000 Irish have come around the holidays for just one thing.
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One stamp good for 24 E.U. countries

| Dec 20, 2007
A new agreement allows visitors to 24 E.U. countries to put their passport away after the first time they enter. Megan Williams reports Europe expects it'll help tourism, but some Western European countries aren't happy.
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Central banks pump cash for cheap

Jill Barshay | Dec 20, 2007
Central banks around the world are pumping money into the global financial system to help ease the credit crunch. Jill Barshay also reports that instead of issuing penalty rates, they're lending money at a bargain.
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High-def differences highly confusing

| Dec 20, 2007
With cheaper high-definition TVs on the market, consumers now just have to decide which DVD format is better. Doug Krizner explores the differences with Andrew Edgecliffe Johnson of The Financial Times in London.
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More write-downs to come

Janet Babin | Dec 20, 2007
Hit hard by the credit crisis, Bear Stearns and many other banks have taken huge write-downs. Janet Babin reports that with about 150 billion more of them to go, some large firms are seeking a cash infusion from overseas.
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