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Bank Failures

Chris Farrell | Jul 30, 2008
Question: I know that funds (up to the limit) are safe in an FDIC insured bank, but how much of a hassle is it if the bank fails? When my S&L...
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World trade talk splits tough to repair

| Jul 30, 2008
After seven years of on-again, off-again negotiations, the U.S., China and India couldn't reach an agreement on farm tariffs in world trade talks. Jennifer Collins takes a look at what could happen next.

SUV resale value drops on poor sales

Janet Babin | Jul 30, 2008
As the price of gas spikes up, the value of SUVs and pickup trucks has plummeted. That's a big problem for companies that leased these vehicles two or three years ago. Janet Babin reports on what car companies could lose.
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TSA pockets over $1 million in change

Richard Core | Jul 30, 2008
While travelers at America's imports are removing their shoes, putting laptop computers through separately and removing all items from their pock...
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ArcelorMittal reports steel profits

Stephen Beard | Jul 30, 2008
Shares of ArcelorMittal, the world's biggest steelmaker, are double what they were last quarter. Share prices had been falling on the assumption of hurt demand. Stephen Beard reports most of the growth comes from emerging markets.
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Atlanta innovates for staying tourists

| Jul 30, 2008
The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is breaking ground this summer on a $110 million expansion. But Odette Yousef reports the opening of museums next door might make similar projects cheaper to fund in the future.
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LA to fast food: Not so fast

| Jul 30, 2008
The Los Angeles City Council has passed a year-long ban on new fast food chains going into South Los Angeles, one of the city's most obese neighborhoods. But not everyone is happy about the ordinance. Renita Jablonski has more.
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Seeking more small business money

Mitchell Hartman | Jul 30, 2008
Congress is looking over a federal program that gives up to $2 billion a year to small businesses, which will run out in September. Mitchell Hartman reports just one area where the program has had success.
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Watchful eye sponsored by . . . the people of Flint

Melissa Kaplan | Jul 30, 2008
The police department in Flint, Michigan could use a little extra cash to cover 14 new surveillance cameras. So the city's come up with a plan to...

Glazing over the donut economy

Scott Jagow | Jul 30, 2008
Whether you crave one that's glazed, cream-filled or you can't stand them at all, donuts tend to come out on top in a down economy. Scott Jagow talks about a sweet world with Paul Mullins, who wrote a book on donuts.
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