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China loses Spielberg over Darfur

| Feb 13, 2008
Director Steven Spielberg is withdrawing from his work in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing over China's policies and actions in Sudan. Bill Marcus reports.
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The real Google versus Microsoft fight

| Feb 13, 2008
Microsoft versus Google looms as a great corporate battle this year. But commentator Robert Reich says the real power players in the deal are the armies of lobbyists and lawyers Google and Microsoft have in Washington.

Processed foods are not that healthy

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 12, 2008
More than ever, grocery stores are filled with processed foods that advertise nutrient values and health benefits. Commentator Michael Pollan, author of "The Omnivore's Dilemma," says the healthiest foods are still to be found in the produce section.
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Fed gives ill economy another injection

Jill Barshay | Feb 12, 2008
The Federal Reserve injected another $30 billion in short-term loans into the banking system. The Fed hopes the money will keep banks lending and combat the looming credit crunch. Kai Ryssdal talks to Jill Barshay about how long the credit crunch may last and who's most affected.

French booksellers battle with Amazon

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 12, 2008
Small bookshops are part of the culture in France, but their existence has been threatened by Amazon. A court sided with them in a lawsuit last year, but the online bookseller is not giving up the fight. Anita Elash reports.

Starbucks CEO orders more training

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 12, 2008
Starbucks will be closing the doors for a few hours at 7,000 of its stores on Feb. 26. The company will use the time for a major training effort to refocus employees on customer service. Kai Ryssdal talks to Morningstar analyst John Owens.

Real estate websites still growing

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 12, 2008
At the height of the real estate boom, websites like Zillow and Trulia that displayed home values became huge. Now that the market is falling rapidly, investors are turning to them even more. Stacy Vanek-Smith reports.
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Homeowners could be thrown 'Lifeline'

Jeremy Hobson | Feb 12, 2008
The Bush administration and six major mortgage lenders have unveiled "Project Lifeline," the latest response to the ongoing turmoil in the housing market. The plan could freeze foreclosures for as much as one month for seriously troubled homeowners. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Jewelry retailers target 'dirty gold'

Andrea Gardner | Feb 12, 2008
Just in time for Valentines Day, activists and jewelry retailers are stepping up a campaign to discourage the mining and sale of "dirty gold." Their first target: a proposed gold mine in Alaska. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Oracle of Omaha to the rescue

Dan Grech | Feb 12, 2008
Warren Buffett has offered to reinsure $800 billion in municipal bonds to help struggling bond insurers hampered by fallout from the credit crunch. The deal would likely allow the municipal bonds to receive a AAA rating. Dan Grech reports.