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MAXjet is maxed out on debt

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Dec 24, 2007
MAXjet Airways filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today, leaving some passengers stranded on Christmas Eve. Nancy Marshall-Genzer takes a look at what sent the airline into freefall.
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Merrill turns to Singapore, others for help

Jill Barshay | Dec 24, 2007
Merrill Lynch, which lost more than $2 billion last quarter on bad subprime mortgage investments, got some help today from Singapore's Temasek Holdings, Davis Partners, and GE Capital. Jill Barshay reports.
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Santa's sleigh under surveillance

Jeff Tyler | Dec 24, 2007
A mall is helping boost its Santa presence by using NORAD to track his sleigh's whereabouts. Jeff Tyler reports millions the world over are actually looking to the skies tonight.
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Ruling slows corruption probes

John Dimsdale | Dec 24, 2007
The Justice Department says a court ruling that puts legislative materials off-limits is handcuffing its investigations. John Dimsdale reports.
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Seeking the root of the UBS debacle

Stephen Beard | Dec 24, 2007
Once the world's largest wealth manager, UBS is now staying afloat by selling shares to foreign investors. Stephen Beard reports Switzerland is upset, and officials want to figure out who's to blame.
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Why not an oil change for Christmas?

Andrea Gardner | Dec 24, 2007
As budgets tighten through a rough economy, consumers are looking at holiday gift-giving more prudently. Andrea Gardner reports that gift cards for practical things such as groceries and oil changes are on the rise.

Despite naughty, Santahood can be nice

| Dec 24, 2007
Being a mall Santa may not be the most glamorous job -- unless you like being punched and sat on by kids -- but it does have its upside. For one, a good Santa can pull up to $10,000 in one season. Scott Shafer has more.
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Pig donations bring home the bacon

Gretchen Wilson | Dec 24, 2007
The average annual income in Lesotho is $100 a year, but a $195 donation can buy a family an income-generating piglet that can boost that income substantially. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Live Nation's partner works quietly

Janet Babin | Dec 24, 2007
Event promoter Live Nation's new deal with Germany ticket company CTS Eventim could be advantageous for consumers, who likely won't even notice the company is there. Janet Babin reports.
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Small pizzerias' success in human touch

Lisa Napoli | Dec 24, 2007
As Domino's debuts a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, mom-and-pop pizzerias without big marketing budgets compensate by trying to serve an authentic slice of culture. Lisa Napoli reports.
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