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Priced out of the American Dream

| Nov 13, 2007
Americans are increasingly tied down by debt -- that's nothing new. But Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren says the rising costs of bare necessities, not luxuries, might change the very nature of America.

Innovating our way out of crisis

| Nov 13, 2007
Will our consumer economy eventually bury us as we deplete the Earth's resources, or will we innovate our way out of trouble? Stanford researcher Larry Goulder says it could go either way.
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Europe faces urgency over currency

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 12, 2007
Europe has its own Ben Bernanke. Jean-Claude Trichet oversees the European Central Bank. Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Stephen Beard in London about the pressures facing the ECB's president.

Dollar's fall new factor in study abroad

Jeff Tyler | Nov 12, 2007
The number of Americans studying abroad is rising, according to a new study. But parents footing the bill might want to start paying attention to exchange rates. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Emirates Airlines buying piece of the sky

Dan Grech | Nov 12, 2007
Airlines from Persian Gulf states have announced $82 billion in new plane purchases, a bonanza for plane makers Boeing and Airbus. One purchase in particular caught the world's imagination, by an airline you probably haven't heard of -- at least not yet. Dan Grech reports.
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OPEC seeks estimates on future demand

John Dimsdale | Nov 12, 2007
Representatives of the 12 OPEC nations hold a rare summit meeting this week. One of the issues they'll discuss is a plan to spend $130 billion by 2012 to boost oil output. But before they do they want some guarantees from their big customers. John Dimsdale reports.

'Superfund' won't save the day

Amy Scott | Nov 12, 2007
Remember that special, $75 billion fund some big banks were planning to prop up the credit markets? Details came out today about how the fund will work -- or how it won't, as some see it. Amy Scott reports.
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More Proof that the Compensation System is out of Whack

Chris Farrell | Nov 12, 2007
Charles O. Prince 111, the ousted head of beleaguered Citigroup and, by most measures, a poorly performing chief executive officer, is yet one more...

Taxing ourselves green

| Nov 12, 2007
Commentator Robert Frank says we don't need to transform human nature to do something about global warming, we just need to change people's incentives. A global carbon tax will hit folks in the wallet, and money is always a powerful incentive.
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Greed as a disease

| Nov 12, 2007
America's consumer economy may be a symptom of a bigger illness -- and it could be killing us all. As a species, we simply don't know what to do with all this excess, says prominent UCLA researcher Dr. Peter Whybrow.
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