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Buffett puts up banking caution sign

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 10, 2008
A subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway group is going to stop insuring bank deposits over $100,000. Does this mean Buffett is worried about future bank failures? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Paying a price to stand up to the Mob

Megan Williams | Sep 10, 2008
In southern Italy most small businesses pay protection money to the Mob. But a movement to fight back is gaining ground. For the first time, a restaurant owner has reported the extortion to the police and named names. Megan Williams has the story.

Which Debt to Pay Down?

Chris Farrell | Sep 10, 2008
Question: My parents gave me a check to help with debt reduction. I am somewhat overwhelmed with the possible uses for this check. I have a loan...
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Just Say No

Chris Farrell | Sep 10, 2008
After announcing the largest loss in its 160 year history, no one will be suprised if Lehman Brothers turns to Treasury and the Fed for a bailout....

Presidential Futures Market

Chris Farrell | Sep 10, 2008
The Democratic and Republican conventions are over. The barricades are down and the party faithful are fired up. now puts it as a ...

The Health Care Squeeze

Chris Farrell | Sep 10, 2008
We all know that rising gasoline prices have put a crimp in household budgets, But the Economic Policy Institute has a nice item today comparing...

Lehman plans to unload assets

Janet Babin | Sep 10, 2008
Fire sale at Lehman Brothers. The struggling bank will spin off its commercial mortgages as part of a plan to keep itself afloat. Lehman has lost nearly $4 billion in the fourth quarter. Janet Babin has more.
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What prompted OPEC's production cut?

| Sep 10, 2008
OPEC ministers surprised many oil experts who expected the cartel would keep production levels the same. Host Scott Jagow asks a reporter from the Financial Times why OPEC decided to cut them.
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Heads up: Air New Zealand is looking for a few bald men

Lori Stassi | Sep 10, 2008
My mother always said she had eyes in the back of her head. Now, a New Zealand airline wants to put temporary tattoos on the back of the heads of...

East Europe attracting U.S. companies

John Dimsdale | Sep 10, 2008
Azerbaijan, Albania and Belarus are among countries rated high for regulatory reforms that are favorable to American corporations looking to get away from U.S. rules. John Dimsdale reports.
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