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Only 2,200 miles to go! Good thing Congress isn't managing this budget...

Tess Vigeland | Sep 30, 2008
Amy! Are you ready for this?? Blog readers! Are you ready for this?? It'll be a trip, that's for sure....

Oil co. collapse ripples through industry

| Sep 30, 2008
When oil seller SemGroup filed for bankruptcy, it pulled thousands of oilmen down with it, demonstrating how the failure of one big company can be felt across an industry. Laurie Burkitt reports.

Blame both parties for bailout failure

| Sep 30, 2008
Democrats and Republicans are still squabbling over who deserves the blame for the bailout plan's failure in the House. But commentator and economist Justin Wolfers says politicians from both parties took their eyes off the ball.


| Sep 30, 2008
Host Kai Ryssdal reviews letters from our listeners reacting to the bailout plan and what they thought was missing from it.

Searching for stability outside New York

Stephen Beard | Sep 30, 2008
As Washington struggles to restore a sense of calm, financial markets are keeping their eyes peeled for an alternative to Wall Street. Marketplace European Bureau Chief Stephen Beard reports.

In banking, is bigger always better?

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 30, 2008
Wachovia, WaMu and Merrill Lynch have all been bought up by other banks, meaning there's now a lot more money in a lot fewer hands. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson reports.

The tools of the trade

John Dimsdale | Sep 30, 2008
Without the bailout plan, regulators have to use their usual methods to manage the markets. What tools are in their belt now? Marketplace Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale reports.
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FDIC hopes to raise deposit limits

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 30, 2008
The FDIC is asking for the authority to raise the cap on the deposits it insures, a move that seems to have the support of both presidential candidates. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Interbank lending rates spike

Bob Moon | Sep 30, 2008
As the markets work to sort themselves out in the wake of the bailout plan's demise, the rates banks charge each other to borrow have risen to an all-time high. Marketplace Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reports.
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FDIC again

Chris Farrell | Sep 30, 2008
The Bloomberg news wire has a story that Sheila Bair, chairman of the FDIC, has told House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank that...