WIll more teacher evaluations mean more tests for students in New York? - 

New York is going to start evaluating teachers in all subject fields, and tests results will be part of their performance evaluations. This week, the teachers start getting trained in the new grading system.

Stock markets were up this morning, though data from a variety of sources indicate a only tepid economy. Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith Moore & Company, says it's precisely this bad news that is making the market rally -- and the fact that the Federal Reserve is likely to continue stimulus measures as long as the economy appears fragile.

Economists agree: it's a very good time to buy a first home. The job market is improving. Mortgage rates are near historic lows. Home prices are still well below the peaks they hit in the housing bubble. And home prices and mortgage rates are almost certain to go higher in coming years. And yet, fewer first-time homebuyers are plopping down their downpayment and signing on the dotted line for a place of their own, than in previous economic cycles.

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