Step inside the control room and see what it's like as an audio producer assembling our shows. Plus, highlights from our interview with President Obama and "Git To Know A Brit" -- meet our British staff. - 

If you've ever listened to one of our podcasts or broadcasts and wondered what it's like to assemble a show from the audio engineering side of things, well you're in luck 'cause I'll take you inside the control room in this week's ReMarket Podcast. As one of Marketplace's audio producers, I help to record interviews and reporters, put audio pieces of the stories you hear everyday together and make everything on the shows sound as nice and slick to your ears as I can -- along with everybody else from the audio engineering staff. I'll let you spy on the control room during a live broadcast of Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. You'll hear what those of us on the other side of the glass are worried about while the broadcast goes out.

I'll take you inside one of our most noteworthy interviews -- with President Barack Obama -- and let you know what it was like to be on site recording then (you'll also hear what President Obama thought about the fashion sense of the Marketplace staff when we spoke to him).

I'll also highlight a couple of stories that I enjoyed from this week's shows, including one by reporter Sarah Gardner on older unemployment. And a story from our go-to euro expert, Stephen Beard, about the new, socialist president in France -- Francois Hollande. I was so impressed by Stephen's dry British wit, in fact, that I decided to also unveil a brand new segment on ReMarket -- "Git To Know A Brit" -- in which I chat up our favourite (yes, notice the "u") staff members hailing from one part or another of the United Kingdom.

God save the Queen!