ReMarket Podcast: The John Dimsdale Report

Nov 21, 2012
Going behind the scenes to pay tribute to one of Marketplace's beloved reporters.

ReMarket Podcast: The Marketplace Intern Report

Aug 3, 2012
If you’ve been following our ReMarket podcasts, you’ve heard from a lot of our hosts, producers, senior editors, our reporters. This week, we peek into the world of a few of our future newsmen and women for the Marketplace Intern Report.
albertobv / Creative Commons

ReMarket Podcast: The sounds of summer

Jul 20, 2012
In the latest edition of our 'behind-the-scenes' podcast, what it's like to cover business news during the summer months.
Sunset at Santa Monica Beach.
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ReMarket Podcast: The bookends

Jun 15, 2012
Taking a closer listen to the open and final note of the show -- how Marketplace grabs your attention at the beginning, and leaves you thinking at the end.
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ReMarket Podcast: Internet saved the radio star

Jun 1, 2012
Catch up on this week in tech and meet the team of producers and coders that deliver Marketplace to you everywhere BUT your public radio station

ReMarket Podcast: Finding new angles

May 25, 2012
From presidential posters to owls, we look back at some of the unique ways the Marketplace staff addressed the news this past week.

ReMarket Podcast: The sounds you might never hear

May 18, 2012
Step inside the control room and see what it's like as an audio producer assembling our shows. Plus, highlights from our interview with President Obama and "Git To Know A Brit" -- meet staff members hailing from the U.K.

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ReMarket Podcast: The stuff that surprises

May 11, 2012
This week's podcast offers some highlights courtesy of Warren Sapp, Charlie Trotter and, yes, Brad Pitt.

ReMarket Podcast: Metaphor, motor vehicles and music

May 4, 2012
From the “drunken binge of borrowing” led to the European debt crisis to sound in marketing to the music bridges played on Marketplace, a behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite stories of the week.

ReMarket Podcast: Why Marketplace is so much fun

Apr 27, 2012
Great stuff from Sir Richard Branson, Michael Ian Black, and Tim Geithner. Kai Ryssdal explains the art of the big interview. And Marketplace editors talk about clichés.