1221 bob gibbs
U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs was one of the members of Congress who blocked the passing of the two month payroll tax cut extension, calling instead for the decision to go to conference. - 

The latest fight in Washington surrounds the payroll tax cut, and whether it should be extended in 2012. A final deal would affect 160 million American workers.

Last week, the Senate passed a temporary two-month measure, but now the U.S. House of Representatives has voted that down, opting instead that the decision be sent to conference.

Now, most of the lawmakers have headed home for the holidays, and the clock continues to tick with a January 1st deadline to make a decision.

Republican Congressman Bob Gibbs from Ohio is one of the decision makers who voted against the Senate agreement. He joins us for an extended interview as part of our Mid-Day extra.  According to him, a two-month-only extension creates a big headache for business owners.


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