20111024 nashville predators
The Nashville Predators play on October 20, 2011 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. - 

We've heard a lot about money in sports lately, especially with the drama surrounding the NBA lockout.

The MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA collectively spend a whole lot of money each year, and only a handful of teams come out victorious. But which teams get the most bang for their buck?

In today's Mid-day Extra, we talk to Romesh Ratnesar, deputy editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, about which teams make the best use of the money they spend.

In looking at the last five seasons of each sport, Bloomberg Businessweek accounted for differences in salary caps and number of games per year to come up with the listing.

Their study included all 122 professional sports teams in the U.S. Topping off the list were the Nashville Predators, who stay well below the salary cap for professional hockey while still winning fairly frequently.

Down at the bottom of the list? The New York Knicks, the New York Yankees, and the Detroit Lions.