Earthquake warning system alerted people in Tokyo before they felt the quake

Mar 11, 2011
It's the world's first early warning system for earthquakes. It was developed by Japan meteorological agency, and as the earthquake shook the...
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FDA approves first new lupus drug in 50 years

Mar 10, 2011
The drug will treat only a small number of people, but is still expected to reach blockbuster status, with $2 billion in annual sales.
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Chemistry that's less toxic, and profitable too

Mar 10, 2011
"Green chemistry" was introduced more than two decades ago, but now one of its founders is trying to prove its profitability along with its usefulness.
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Need new skin? A new kidney? Just print one

Mar 7, 2011
Scientists are making strides in a field called "bioprinting." They're using essentially the same technology you use on your home printer to apply new skin to people. And they're working on printing entire three-dimensional functioning organs.
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Bioprinting in action

Mar 4, 2011
On Monday's show we talk about advances in bioprinting. It's the technique of printing new skin cells using a regular old ink jet cartridge. Or of...
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Google yanks apps that could take over your phone

Mar 3, 2011
Dozens of apps for Android devices have been taken out of circulation by Google. They were apps that can take control of your phone without your even realizing it.
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Breakthrough in circuitry efficiency

Mar 1, 2011
Hewlett-Packard scientists think they've come up with a way to dramatically reduce the amount of energy needed to run a computer. Computing power...
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Scientists use sensors to get close-ups of wild animals; now you can see all this online

Feb 28, 2011
The Smithsonian has launched a new website that features more than 200,000 photos taken by researchers from automated cameras. The cameras have...
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Schools using GPS devices to track students

Feb 21, 2011
A school district in Anaheim, California is the latest to distribute GPS devices to habitually truant students. But what role does a private company in Texas have in monitoring the students?
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Scientists build an anti-laser, you guys!

Feb 18, 2011
A team of Yale University scientists have built a device that can absorb a laser beam entirely....
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