What's behind the high fallout rate for mortgage contracts?

Nov 23, 2012
Some analysts believe home buyers' willingness to take out mortgages might be running ahead of banks' willingness to lend to them. But there are likely other factors at play.
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Rising delinquencies threaten Federal Housing Administration

Nov 15, 2012
The Federal Housing Administration's annual report is due out this week, and there's concern that the agency, which insures more than a trillion dollars in mortgages, is in big financial trouble.
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Costco offers home mortgages

Nov 14, 2012
Costco hopes getting a mortgage through the big box retailer will bring more customers into the store for the things they'll need to furnish those homes.
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Will new regulations crimp home loans?

Oct 25, 2012
Some fear stricter lending and mortgage standards could chill housing market.
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Retiree: Pay for a house outright or carry a mortgage?

Oct 12, 2012
One retiree is seeking to sell her house and move. But she wonders whether it would be wiser to pay for a house with cash or carry a mortgage in retirement.
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Fannie and Freddie to allow principal reductions in California

Sep 14, 2012
This week, Fannie and Freddie quietly put out some "clarifying language" that could mean a lot to some beleaguered homeowners in California and in other states.
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Bernanke's low mortgage rate

Sep 6, 2012
Thanks to financial disclosure rules, we know what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke pays on his mortgage.
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Mortgage giants face new carrot -- and stick

Aug 17, 2012
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get some slack on repaying government bailout funds. But they’ll have to shrink their businesses faster than planned.
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Collective home ownership on the rise

Aug 10, 2012
Your friends and you have been through a lot together -- but do you think you can buy a house with them?
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CFPB proposes new rules for mortgage servicers

Aug 10, 2012
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today proposed new rules for the companies that service your mortgage. The proposed reforms seem to mandate a big upgrade in customer service.
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