Middle-class housing crunch

Apr 4, 2007
Housing costs have risen so high in some cities that entire regions are out of reach for most first-time home buyers. And in those areas, it's becoming a slow drain for the economy as a whole.
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Subprime's domino effect

Apr 3, 2007
A new report predicts the housing market will suffer greater fallout yet from the collapse of the subprime mortgage market. UCLA's Anderson Forecast says some non-subprime mortgages now appear unstable.
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Ohio helps homeowners avoid foreclosure

Apr 2, 2007
Faced with broad fallout from a weak economy and a widespread foreclosure crisis, Ohio is putting up state-backed bonds to provide a pool of refinancing money to help some struggling homeowners.
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Playing mortgage hot potato

Mar 29, 2007
Bankruptcy could be just around the corner for New Century Financial, but other lenders are making money buying and selling subprime loans it issued — a profitable fee-collecting game as long as they unload the loans before borrowers default.
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A subprime submarine?

Mar 28, 2007
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was on Capitol Hill today, where everybody wanted to know whether he thought the subprime market will torpedo the rest of the economy.
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Bigger hit expected from housing market woes

Mar 27, 2007
Some analysts are now saying publicly what others have been thinking: There's got to be a wider economic impact before the housing slump is over. Amy Scott reports.
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Britain's housing still booming

Mar 27, 2007
As some economists worry that U.S. housing troubles could trigger a full-scale global financial crisis, Britain's home builders are still enjoying a robust market. And now two of the biggest are joining forces.
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New home sales face bad weather

Mar 26, 2007
New home sales fell in the first quarter, according to the Commerce Department. But as Janet Babin reports, in order to understand the housing market, there's a bigger picture to consider.
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Home for sale by YouTube

Mar 26, 2007
Realtors and sellers have discovered online video sites as a powerful new tool in a housing market that's increasingly friendly to buyers — and it's a trend that's saving everyone time.
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Maybe home ownership's not for everyone

Mar 21, 2007
As the subprime housing sector continues to crumble, commentator David Frum says maybe our idea of the great American dream is a little off and some people just shouldn't be buying homes.
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