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Labor market weakens for young, less educated workers

Sep 8, 2023
What that might mean for them and for the economy at large.
Young adults without diplomas are "canaries in the coal mine," said Bill Rodgers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. "When the economy slows down, they tend to be the first ones to lose their jobs.”
John Moore/Getty Images

As some states lower the age to serve alcohol in restaurants, will teens be put at risk?

Jul 27, 2023
Critics worry that teens could be vulnerable to harassment or underage drinking, but supporters say it creates job opportunities.
Since 2021, seven states have passed laws to lower the minimum age for serving alcohol in restaurants.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Younger workers aren't as fazed by losing a job

Oct 16, 2020
The Marketplace-Edison Research Poll shows they're more confident they'll find new jobs within six months than older workers.
A bartender makes drinks at Eight Row Flint in Houston, Texas. Many young people work in the leisure and hospitality industry, which is bouncing back from the coronavirus recession.
Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images

Utility tries to head off 'Silver Tsunami'

Aug 30, 2012
The northern California utility Pacific Gas & Electric is hoping to lure a new, younger workforce ahead of the retirement of many of its workers.