U.S. risks isolation as other countries sign trade pacts

Jul 17, 2018
Tuesday in Tokyo, the European Union and Japan inked a fresh trade pact that will eliminate most of the tariffs between them. The EU has been a busy bee on the trade front. It recently agreed to a new deal with Mexico, and a new one with Canada is now up and running. It’s in […]

Chinese tariffs spark fear among some U.S. farmers

Apr 2, 2018
The market’s couldn’t ignore a brewing trade war forever. Stocks slid today on the news of countertariffs from China on items including American cherries, wine and pork. We’ll bring you the latest on markets, then we’ll talk to U.S. producers who have become increasingly dependent on the fast-growing Chinese market and now fear they’ll lose […]

Britain's farmers have second thoughts on Brexit

Aug 22, 2017
They face U.S. competition and the loss of EU subsidies.
A dairy farmer looks out of the milking parlor at Newlands Farm in Bozeat, England.
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

What happens when shipping lines build for growth that never comes

The shipping industry is seeing prices collapse as slowing global trade growth drags down demand.
A container ship exits the Panama Canal toward the Pacific Ocean, with the Balboa Yacht Club in the fore.
Justin Ho/Marketplace

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