Inside the world of fake discounts

What would you fake to save a little money?
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The Conversation: Wedding bells and wedding gifts

What kinds of gifts have you requested of others?
What kinds of gifts did you ask for or register for?
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How online minister ordination mills work (or don't)

Feb 5, 2015
More brides and grooms are choosing to get married outside religious institutions.

Weddings see rise in online streaming

Jul 3, 2013
Weddings are going digital. Think handheld devices at destination weddings streaming to Grandma, who couldn't fly out.

Same-sex wedding planners get a boost from Supreme Court

Jun 27, 2013
Based on U.S. Census data, hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian couples are living together in the U.S. but not yet married -- a big market opportunity for wedding planners and vendors.

How much is too much spending on big life events?

Apr 26, 2013
A Visa study finds that prom costs about $1,100 -- but kids from families with incomes under $50,000, and kids with single parents, spend more on prom. Turns out there’s a long tradition of chastising the poor for spending “too much” on big life events.

For public good, not for profit.

Budgeting for love: Money and multicultural weddings

Mar 15, 2013
Wedding planning can be tough under any circumstance. But if you're a couple from two different backgrounds, how does that change financial perspectives and expectations around a wedding?

What to expect from wedding websites

Feb 12, 2013
Commentator Beth Teitell on the new era of wedding wed-sites.

Resale value for a canceled wedding?

Oct 11, 2012
A company offers a second life for called-off nuptials.