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All those small ailments make for big money: WebMD to be sold for $2.8 billion

Jul 24, 2017
For months, health website WebMD has been looking for a suitor. Today, it found one. The private equity giant KKR — Kohlberg Kravis Roberts — has struck a deal to buy the site for about $2.8 billion. But why was WebMD looking to be sold in the first place?  Click the audio player above to […]

Fiscal cliff? WebMD hit by the patent cliff

Dec 11, 2012
Online health site WebMD plans to lay off 14 percent of its staff. Drug companies have curtailed ads because lucrative patents have expired.

Medical website WebMD falls ill financially

Jan 10, 2012
WebMD’s chief executive resigns as the once-profitable medical reference website sees advertising revenue decline.
WebMD’s chief executive has resigned, leaving the once-profitable medical reference website as it sees advertising revenue decline.

Google competitors grousing that Google gives itself preferential treatment

Dec 13, 2010
The Wall Street Journal has a helpful round up of complaints against Big G from sites that offer services similar to what Google is also doing....