Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe on the future of virtual reality

by Molly Wood Jan 7, 2016
Can VR become a comprehensive platform?

Virtual reality gears up for a reality check

by Molly Wood Jan 7, 2016
After all the promises, this year the tech could really be put to the test.
Final Note

Viewmaster goes VR

by Molly Wood Nov 27, 2015
This holiday season, the classic toy is getting a fancy upgrade with help from Google.

Virtual reality film festival an immersive experience

by Molly Wood Oct 12, 2015
At traveling Kaleidoscope festival, filmmaking intersects with game playing.

Land a job with help from virtual reality

by Jenny Ament Oct 9, 2015
A virtual interviewer helps take the stress out of job interviews.

Oculus Rift could help people with vision problems

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 14, 2015
Gamers aren't the only people with an interest in virtual reality.
The Oculus Rift
Courtesy David Wagner

Virtual reality is star of this year's E3

by Molly Wood Jun 15, 2015
VR is poised to meet the masses in mobile technology.

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Build 2015: We should all be 'failing' like Microsoft

by Molly Wood Apr 29, 2015
CEO Satya Nadella touted Windows 10 — but the cloud is where the money is.

The movie (literally) in my mind

by Molly Wood Jan 27, 2015
Virtual reality heads to Hollywood.

Microsoft's new holographic headset augments reality

by Kai Ryssdal Jan 22, 2015
Microsoft is in virtual reality market now thanks to a headset called HoloLens.

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