Museums embrace virtual reality

Mar 21, 2017
Are virtual exhibits close to replacing real life ones?
Courtesy of Wevr

Oculus pop-up closings signal trouble in virtual reality market

Feb 9, 2017
Facebook will close hundreds of its virtual reality demo stations in Best Buy stores.
A woman wears Oculus goggles at a press event in San Francisco.

'Indefinite' uses virtual reality to show detained immigrants' despair

Jan 27, 2017
The 360-degree film follows several asylum-seekers being held in Britain.
A still from Darren Emerson's film "Indefinite." 
Darren Emerson

Virtual reality: can it save us?

Nov 23, 2016
Virtual reality gear isn't just a popular holiday gift.
A visitor tries a Virtual Reality headset at the Facebook exhibition booth during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Lima on November 18, 2016. 


NBA gives basketball viewers chance to see games in virtual reality

Oct 25, 2016
The National Basketball Association will, this season, become the first professional sports league to offer a regular schedule of live games delivered in virtual reality. At least one NBA League Pass game per week will be live-streamed in virtual reality.…
Kevin Durant #35 and Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors joke with Andre Iguodala #9 while he wears a virtual reality viewer during the Golden State Warriors Media Day at the Warriors' practice facility in Oakland, California. 
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Being present in virtual reality

Jul 4, 2016
Felix & Paul Studios share some of the secrets to creating VR experiences.
Wikimedia Commons

After years in the making, Oculus Rift arrives

Mar 28, 2016
The virtual reality headset could signal the beginning of a big new market.
An attendee at the International Consumer Electronics Show wears an Oculus Rift HD virtual reality headset back in 2014.

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The Dispatch, Ep 7: Will VR for games take off?

Mar 18, 2016
Developers are cautious about virtual reality.
Game enthusiasts test the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus at the Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 in June of last year. 
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

SXSW 2016: virtual reality and...McDonalds?

Mar 16, 2016
South by Southwest is getting a large dose of VR this year... inside a happy meal.

Writer builds PC for Oculus Rift experience

Jan 14, 2016
With FOMO lurking about, people are finding unique ways to enjoy virtual reality.