Hot property market puts Nashville record shop, and other small businesses, at risk

Dec 17, 2021
The owners of the Groove are struggling to come up with $500,000 to buy the bungalow that houses their store.
The Groove is a small record shop whose owners hope to buy the property they work in so the business can survive.
Paige Pfleger

What "old" technology are you hoping will make a comeback?

Jun 5, 2018
Amid Kodak's decision to bring back the Ektachrome, we asked you what products are still hanging around your house.
Old Ektachrome 160 film.
Vincenzo Reina/Flickr

This indie music label is investing in vinyl

Mar 24, 2017
Hand Drawn Records in Texas wants to press a million records this year on its new machines.
Dustin Blocker listens to records for imperfections on the floor of the manufacturing facility.
Photo: Hady Mawajdeh