What "old" technology are you hoping will make a comeback?

Marketplace Staff Jun 5, 2018
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Old Ektachrome 160 film. Vincenzo Reina/Flickr

What "old" technology are you hoping will make a comeback?

Marketplace Staff Jun 5, 2018
Old Ektachrome 160 film. Vincenzo Reina/Flickr

Got any old technology that you’re still nostalgic about?

There’s news that Kodak is about to bring back Ektachrome 100, a popular slide film for analog cameras, that’s been gone for five years. Launched in the 1940s, Ektachrome was one of the first commercially available color films and became the “preferred choice of magazine and advertising shooters.” (It was a favorite of National Geographic.) 

With this announcement, Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio asked you about about any “old” technology you still have. Here were some of your responses:

Lead and paper aren’t completely obsolete yet

A couple of you love your Olympus cameras

Apple’s constantly coming out with new products, but some of you are sticking with the classics

E-books won’t stop some of you from reading the old-fashioned way

We’re not sure if this listener wants tapes or ’80s British pop to make a comeback, but we’re on board with either

Listen, rolodexes are nothing to be ashamed of

Meanwhile, others definitely know which products they *don’t* want to hold onto

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