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Energy crunch eases in emerging markets, thanks to Europe’s warm winter

Apr 10, 2023
India, Thailand and other emerging markets struggled after some of the liquefied natural gas they'd expected was rerouted to Europe.
A flare tower at a natural gas facility in Indonesia. Countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh have been able to import more liquefied natural gas recently.
Azwar Ipank/AFP via Getty Images

How has Vietnam been so successful at containing COVID-19?

Apr 23, 2020
It's had just 268 confirmed infections and zero deaths reported.
Motorists wearing face masks ride on a busy road in Hanoi on April 23, 2020, as Vietnam eased its nationwide social isolation effort.
Nhac Nguyen/AFP via Getty Images

Vietnam cracks down on fake "Made in Vietnam" labels

Jun 11, 2019
The Vietnamese government has promised a crackdown on fake labels and certificates of origin.
This photograph taken on May 24, 2019 shows a Ted Baker brand men's shirt labeled "Made in Vietnam" in a factory in Hanoi.

Trump talks America First at APEC Conference

Nov 10, 2017
President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping both spoke today at an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam. The Chinese president talked of economic openness and international cooperation … President Trump pledged to put America first and to pursue bilateral trade agreements instead of multilateral ones. In other words, the U.S. should […]

U.S. pullout doesn’t deter aspiring TPP members

May 18, 2017
The remaining members of what would have been the Trans-Pacific Partnership will meet this weekend in Hanoi. Several countries attending the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in the Vietnamese capital will hold discussions about reviving the regional trade agreement. The U.S. may have pulled out of the deal, but there is still a strong desire to […]

Social media censorship from around the world

May 27, 2016
Here are the governments really that don’t “like” social media.
A computer screen displaying the logo of social networking site Facebook is reflected in a window before the Beijing skyline. China's government is one of the toughest when it comes to censoring social media.
Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

The changing economic relationship between the US and Vietnam

May 23, 2016
Trade between the U.S. and Vietnam now adds up to $45 billion a year.
Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang and U.S. President Barack Obama take part in a joint press conference at the International Convention Center in Hanoi on Monday. Obama praised "strengthening ties" between the U.S. and Vietnam at the start of his landmark visit.

For public good, not for profit.

Vietnam facing rising sea levels

Dec 4, 2015
A look at the ecosystem of the Mekong Delta.

How the TPP will drive domestic reform in Asia

Oct 7, 2015
Leaders in Japan and Vietnam now have cover for unpopular economic overhauls.

In Vietnam, a cemetery kicks out the living

Mar 12, 2015
Hundreds of people live in a Ho Chi Minh City graveyard taken 0ver by the city