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U.S. Steel may be for sale, and union workers want a say on the buyer

Aug 25, 2023
The final outcome of the sale could have huge implications for both organized labor and the domestic steel economy.
There's a lot at stake for the employees of U.S. Steel. Whoever buys the company could chose to close plants or move operations overseas.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Steelworkers boosting tech skills to get back to work

Jan 4, 2017
Laid off steel workers in Illinois find decades of experience may not be enough.
Martin Oliver worked in the steel mill in Granite City, Illinois for 22 years before he was laid off last year. Now he's training to use computer-driven machine he hopes will make him competitive in the job market again.
Kimberly Adams/Marketplace

Can Trump keep his big promises on steel jobs?

Dec 16, 2016
Laid off steel workers in Illinois are hoping a new administration will bring positive change.
David Holzman, center, sits with fellow laid off steel workers ahead of a union meeting in Granite City. In southwestern Illinois, the steel industry has been an anchor in the community for decades.
Kimberly Adams/Marketplace

Some Minnesota iron mine workers prepare for uncertain future

Dec 8, 2016
After being laid off for 18 months, some mine workers start training for other jobs.
David Meyer is one of several laid off mineworkers from Keewatin Taconite enrolled in the Industrial Systems Technology program at Hibbing Community College. 
Dan Kraker

How strong is U.S. Steel? Hard to tell

Nov 1, 2016
U.S. Steel will announce third-quarter earnings today. The stock climbed earlier this year after the U.S. won a steel trade dispute with China.  But U.S. Steel still faces lots of challenges – from other countries, from a global market glut, and from new U.S. producers coming online. That means predictions for U.S. Steel’s stock price […]
A welder at U.S. Steel's Federal shipyard circa 1944. 
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