Hawaiian boat tour owner is "carefully rebuilding" after tsunami damage

Jan 26, 2022
Sea Quest Hawaii's business was already down 30% from omicron when the tsunami caused $100,000 in damage to its office.
Sea Quest Hawaii's Kona office was the only building in the area to sustain substantial damage, owner Manu Powers says.
Sea Quest Hawaii

Five years after tsunami, taxi company still fighting

Mar 11, 2016
Sendai's Smile Smile Taxi rebuilds its business 5 years after Japan's disaster.
Smile Smile Taxi owners Emi Sato and her father Matsuo Sato stand outside their headquarters that was partially destroyed five years ago.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

Five years later, Japanese city still dealing with loss

Mar 11, 2016
Sendai is still picking up from Japan's worst earthquake and tsunami on record.
A house from the surrounding neighborhood lays upside down on the edge of Nakano Elementary's pool in the days after a tsunami destroyed the surrounding neighborhood, killing more than a thousand people in the city of Sendai.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

Japan prepares to restart its nuclear power plants

Aug 7, 2015
The country's safety culture needed updating to prevent a Fukushima-type disaster.

Japan's latest Fukushima fix: 'Game of Thrones'-like?

Sep 3, 2013
Japan's latest response to the Fukushima radiation leak sounds like science fiction: A wall of ice. Ice walls are common in tunneling; it's the radiation that makes this job different.

Japan marks two year anniversary of tsunami

Mar 11, 2013
Today's anniversary is being marked with protests against nuclear power in Japan. But can the country sustain a non-nuclear energy policy?

Japan earthquake spotlights nation's disaster preparedness

Dec 7, 2012
A 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. While there are no reports of significant damage, how are the Japanese responding a year and a half after the country's previous tsunami disaster?

For public good, not for profit.

Government report blames Fukushima disaster on culture

Jul 5, 2012
A Japanese government report on the Fukushima nuclear crisis puts the blame squarely on culture -- namely, a cozy relationship between politicians, regulators and the nuclear power industry. It goes so far as to suggest the accident might have occurred even without an earthquake and tsunami.

Earthquake hits Indonesia, tsunami warnings out

Apr 11, 2012
There are tsunami watches and warnings around the Indian Ocean this morning after a magnitude 8.6 quake struck off the coast of Indonesia early today.