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The looming tomato shortage

Aug 3, 2021
The drought in California — the country’s biggest producer — will make tomato yields short by up to 10%, possibly boosting prices.
The drought in California may reduce the state's tomato yield as much as 10%, frustrating businesses along the supply chain as well as consumers.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Surviving Brexit, one seed at a time

Apr 29, 2019
In response to anxieties, Paolo Arrigo of Franchi Seeds is selling Brexit "survival kits." They're a hit.
Paolo Arrigo is the director of Franchi Seeds.
Courtesy of the BBC

MID-DAY UPDATE: Fannie and Freddie, commercial real estate, Jordanian tourism

Feb 9, 2011
The Mortgage Bankers Association this morning reported that applications for home mortgages dropped 5.5 percent last week. And the Wall Street...

Salsa may have extra (unwanted) kick

Jul 10, 2008
Some diced tomatoes, a little minced jalapeno, a bit of of fresh cilantro . . . a risk of salmonella....