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Hollywood to Seattle: We said no copies!

by Melissa Kaplan Oct 1, 2008
Once again reminding the public that Hollywood will go to great lengths to fight piracy, six movie studios are suing Seattle-based digital media...
The Marketplace Reader

South fumes over continued gas shortage

by Melissa Kaplan Sep 30, 2008
Southerners continue to wait in lines up to a half hour long to fill up their tanks as a gas shortage continues in Georgia, North Carolina and...
The Marketplace Reader

Revenge, rather than stopping the bleeding

by Richard Core Sep 29, 2008
Dr. Richard Peterson, a founder of MarketPsych, a hedge fund that makes investments based on neuro-economic research, just happened to be in our...
The Marketplace Reader

Maybe $10 million will help you lighten up

by Melissa Kaplan Sep 29, 2008
When it comes to creating new forms of lighting, the Department of Energy is passing the buck. For those savvy with light bulbs, the L Prize (or ...
The Marketplace Reader

Delta, Northwest shareholders voting today on joining together

by Lori Stassi Sep 25, 2008
We could see the birth of the world's biggest airline, even though we are in the midst of this global financial crisis. The Associated Press is...
The Marketplace Reader

Goldman Sachs gets big boost from Buffett

by Lori Stassi Sep 24, 2008
If stocks go up this morning after two days of triple digit declines, it might be thanks in part to the Oracle of Omaha....
The Marketplace Reader

More victims of the Wall Street crisis

by Lori Stassi Sep 23, 2008
The Wall Street fallout news now includes charities, museums, colleges and other institutions that have relied on the largess of Wall Street's big...

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The Marketplace Reader

An Emmy's theme

by Lori Stassi Sep 22, 2008
Retro advertising is paying off for cable channel AMC. Its series "Mad Men" made history by becoming the first basic-cable show to win an Emmy for...
The Marketplace Reader

What's your opinion on the bailout?

by Richard Core Sep 19, 2008
We've been hearing a lot from the bureaucrats, politicians and pundits about the U.S. government's plan to restore confidence in the financial...
The Marketplace Reader

Going soft on us

by Lori Stassi Sep 17, 2008
Times are rough, but researchers at Georgia Pacific's Innovation Institute in Neenah, Wis., have come up with a way to bring a little bit of...

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