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The original DVR, retired

Sep 6, 2016
TiVo is retiring its first DVR box, and with it, a piece of history.
TiVo's Series 1 DVR first launched in 1999.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Rovi buys TiVo for $1.1 billion

Apr 29, 2016
The DVR pioneer holds a trove of valuable patents.
An TiVo remote circa 2007.

Two small TV companies join forces

Mar 24, 2016
TiVo may sell itself to Rovi
An TiVo remote circa 2007.

The key to TiVo's staying power

Sep 8, 2015
389. That number is one of the reasons TiVo is still around.

Why advertisers care how long a show sits in your DVR

May 7, 2014
They don’t pay for your eyeballs if you watch Scandal on Day Four.

Sony Betamax case paved the way for TiVo

Jan 16, 2014
In 1984, the Supreme Court approved the home recording of TV shows.

Doesn't matter who wins the World Series, networks and advertisers score

Oct 23, 2013
The World Series starts and big sporting events like this still bring what advertisers want -- live viewers.

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