The Treasury Department and IRS announce new plan to close tax loophole

Jun 18, 2024
It could lead to collecting more than $50 billion dollars in tax revenue over ten years.
“This is something that can only be pulled off, frankly, by the wealthiest of wealthy taxpayers," said U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo. 
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Inside the "hacker" culture of the rich and powerful

Feb 28, 2023
A new book explores how the most privileged in society attempt to "hack" the rules.
The typical image of a hoodie-wearing hacker isn't the same as societal "hackers," argues "A Hacker's Mind" author Bruce Schneier.
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Ireland to close Apple tax loophole

Oct 16, 2013
Apple used the rule to shelter $40 billion in profits.

Tax hikes prompt hunt for new tax shelters

Jan 3, 2013
Along with death and taxes, finding ways to avoid taxes is a fact of life. Can wealthy taxpayers blunt the impact of the first rate increase in years?
Tax forms from previous years are displayed in Oakland, California.
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Why tax reform still hasn't come to America

Mar 23, 2012
While you're trying to determine what happens when you subtract line 35 from line 43 on your tax form, you might ask: Why is this so complicated?

Study: Corporations skimp on state, local taxes

Dec 7, 2011
Matt Gardner discusses why cutting taxes to attract corporations doesn't really make sense.