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Money in politics helps, but it's not everything

Mar 5, 2020
Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race after spending a record half a billion dollars.
Mike Bloomberg suspended his presidential campaign Wednesday.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

What's next for wealthy donors when candidates drop out?

Mar 2, 2016
The top donors to presidential campaigns are spending millions of dollars on candidates. But who will they back next if their candidates leave the race?
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush dropped out of the race shortly following the South Carolina primary, despite having a well-financed campaign. 
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The power of superdelegates and campaign contributions

Mar 1, 2016
Democratic superdelegates can bring in the campaign contributions.
Voters cast their ballots at the polling place at Fairfax Circle Baptist Church during Super Tuesday voting March 1, 2016 in Fairfax, Virginia. 
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Where the economy popped up on Super Tuesday

Mar 7, 2012
Last night, the Republican presidential candidates all mentioned economic issues in their speeches following the primaries and caucuses in ten states.

Super PAC money no help building campaign organizations

Mar 5, 2012
Super PACs are not allowed to spend the millions they take in on campaign organizations. Some cash-rich Super Tuesday candidates were so organization poor they couldn't collect enough signatures to get on ballots in all ten states.

For public good, not for profit.

Super Tuesday states face serious economic issues

Mar 2, 2012
The GOP candidates have focused on social issues. But in many of the ten Super Tuesday states like Ohio, voters may be more interested to hear their plans to solve some serious economic problems.