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The U.S. may still avoid a recession, retail sales indicate

Jul 18, 2023
Retail sales were soft but not terrible in June. More importantly they are at least keeping up with inflation, and don't foreshadow a recession.
Kena Betancur/Getty Images

GDP growth in the U.S. was sluggish last quarter

Apr 27, 2023
Inflation was up and inventories down, but consumer spending kept GDP growing — albeit at a slower pace.
Consumers are still buying things, but "inflation wears you down," warns Morning Consult's John Leer.
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Amid persistent inflation, just what is "discretionary" spending?

Mar 2, 2023
Retailers’ financial results show weaker spending on nonnecessities like electronics. Here's where consumers are pulling back.
As consumers tighten their purse strings, expenses like takeout and dining out may be on the chopping block.
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Consumers say they're worried about the economy, but retail sales are strong

Feb 17, 2023
Data released this week shows there’s a disconnect between what people say and what they do.
"Affordable luxuries" — like an afternoon treat from Starbucks — "can actually increase in sales because of the stressful moments that people have in their lives," said Yale's Ravi Dhar.
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How a 24-year-old living with her parents spends her paychecks

Jan 6, 2023
After saving or investing around 40% of her income, Abigail Gomez has money left over for luxuries.
Abigail Gomez and her boyfriend, Kaden Cooper, in Northern Utah. Like nearly half of people their age, both Gomez and Cooper live with their parents.
Courtesy Abigail Gomez

Corporate profits are up 10% over the same quarter last year

Dec 22, 2022
Here's a look at why American companies are making more money, and how they're spending it.
"Consumer demand has really held up much better than anyone really expected," said George Pearkes of Bespoke Investment Group.
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Consumers have kept the economy humming. How long can they keep it up?

Dec 20, 2022
Although they're contending with inflation and economic uncertainty, they continue to rack up debt and burn through their savings.
With consumers racking up debt and burning through savings, economists expect a pullback in spending.
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For public good, not for profit.

It's a big week for earnings calls. Here's what Wall Street is listening for.

Oct 10, 2022
Reports from banks like JPMorgan and consumer companies like PepsiCo can reveal spending trends and signal what businesses see coming.
The Federal Reserve and much of Wall Street hope to see a dip in spending reflected in banks' quarterly earnings, which would signal that the Fed's rate hikes are working. 
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The cost of economic lurking

Oct 6, 2022
As we wait for a recession to happen or inflation to come down, we're postponing big decisions. The economy feels it.
As prices fluctuate, it can be agonizing to wait and see what the economy will do next. The waiting can affect spending.
Apu Gomez/AFP via Getty Images

Retail sales rose a smidgen in August, but some see warning signs

Sep 15, 2022
Sales rose 0.3% last month, but there are signs some consumers are pulling back on big-ticket items, excluding cars.
In August, retail sales rose by 0.3%. Some of that was likely due to consumers stocking up on back-to-school items.
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