It's a big week for earnings calls. Here's what Wall Street is listening for.

Oct 10, 2022
Reports from banks like JPMorgan and consumer companies like PepsiCo can reveal spending trends and signal what businesses see coming.
The Federal Reserve and much of Wall Street hope to see a dip in spending reflected in banks' quarterly earnings, which would signal that the Fed's rate hikes are working. 
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The cost of economic lurking

Oct 6, 2022
As we wait for a recession to happen or inflation to come down, we're postponing big decisions. The economy feels it.
As prices fluctuate, it can be agonizing to wait and see what the economy will do next. The waiting can affect spending.
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Retail sales rose a smidgen in August, but some see warning signs

Sep 15, 2022
Sales rose 0.3% last month, but there are signs some consumers are pulling back on big-ticket items, excluding cars.
In August, retail sales rose by 0.3%. Some of that was likely due to consumers stocking up on back-to-school items.
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When we expect big things from tech, the economy does better, according to new research

Jul 28, 2022
There's a link between anticipating future technology and spending decisions in the present, says macroeconomics professor Cristoph Görtz.
News of future technology rollouts can boost spending, new research shows, but some tech events can make people feel poorer.
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Do coupons have a place in the digital economy?

Food inflation should make consumers eager for discounts. But the couponing tradition isn't keeping up with changing times.
"Coupon distribution has really tanked during the pandemic," says Lydia DePillis of The New York Times.
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Is the virus still in control of the economy?

Feb 17, 2022
Recent numbers suggest this economy is increasingly shrugging its shoulders at the pandemic.
Consumers are reverting back to pre-pandemic habits, in terms of savings and spending. This could be a sign that the economy is learning to deal with COVID.
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As COVID surges again, consumers and workers are worn out but resilient

Dec 29, 2021
Pandemic-related negativity and fear isn't leading to negative or fearful economic behavior.
American workers are feeling burned out as they enter year three of COVID-19. They also have newfound leverage.
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For public good, not for profit.

Where is consumer spending headed with omicron in the picture?

Dec 24, 2021
Manufacturers say they're still optimistic that demand will be there for goods they make. But consumers may start to pull back spending on services.
One likely reason that spending slowed in November? People wanted to get a jump on holiday shopping in anticipation of supply chain issues.
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We're back to saving less

Dec 23, 2021
The personal savings rate dropped in November to its lowest level since December 2017.
After squirreling away money at the heights of the pandemic, Americans are reverting back to their pre-COVID spending habits.
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Can well-off young women save China's economic recovery?

Sep 13, 2021
Women drive the bulk of household purchasing decisions in China. What do they want to spend their money on?
Finance major Zhou Hui, 19, spends up to $700 a month on clothing and eating out, which the COVID-19 pandemic didn't change.
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