Share your wedding spending regrets! 

Jun 6, 2024
Did you buy an expensive, unattractive bridesmaid dress or splurge on catering that gave your guests food poisoning? We want to hear about it.
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How the paper "wealth effect" influences real-life spending

Jun 5, 2024
Consumers enjoying a buoyant stock market and high house prices may feel inclined to spend more, but how much more is uncertain.
Paper wealth pumps you up, according to the wealth effect. If you feel good financially, you'll spend more, regardless of how much actual money you have.
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Consumers don't expect their incomes to grow as fast as prices

May 13, 2024
Consumers forecast inflation at 3.3% this time next year and are less confident that their earnings will rise as much as they had expected.
Consumers expect to spend more on the need-to-haves, like housing and food. Discretionary want-to-haves in their budgets may be squeezed.
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Retail sales climbed to a higher-than-expected 0.7% in March

Apr 15, 2024
Consumers are still spending, but that looks a little different now than it has the past few years.
Spending at nonstore retailers — like Temu or Amazon — rose 2.7% last month.
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The U.S. may still avoid a recession, retail sales indicate

Jul 18, 2023
Retail sales were soft but not terrible in June. More importantly they are at least keeping up with inflation, and don't foreshadow a recession.
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GDP growth in the U.S. was sluggish last quarter

Apr 27, 2023
Inflation was up and inventories down, but consumer spending kept GDP growing — albeit at a slower pace.
Consumers are still buying things, but "inflation wears you down," warns Morning Consult's John Leer.
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Amid persistent inflation, just what is "discretionary" spending?

Mar 2, 2023
Retailers’ financial results show weaker spending on nonnecessities like electronics. Here's where consumers are pulling back.
As consumers tighten their purse strings, expenses like takeout and dining out may be on the chopping block.
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For public good, not for profit.

Consumers say they're worried about the economy, but retail sales are strong

Feb 17, 2023
Data released this week shows there’s a disconnect between what people say and what they do.
"Affordable luxuries" — like an afternoon treat from Starbucks — "can actually increase in sales because of the stressful moments that people have in their lives," said Yale's Ravi Dhar.
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How a 24-year-old living with her parents spends her paychecks

Jan 6, 2023
After saving or investing around 40% of her income, Abigail Gomez has money left over for luxuries.
Abigail Gomez and her boyfriend, Kaden Cooper, in northern Utah. They hope to own a home together within the next year.
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Corporate profits are up 10% over the same quarter last year

Dec 22, 2022
Here's a look at why American companies are making more money, and how they're spending it.
"Consumer demand has really held up much better than anyone really expected," said George Pearkes of Bespoke Investment Group.
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