As the White House convenes a conference on hunger and nutrition, a look at SNAP

Sep 28, 2022
What does the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program do well to stave off food insecurity, and where is more help still needed?
A sign alerting customers about SNAP food stamps benefits is displayed at a Brooklyn grocery store in New York City.
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Inflation chips away at SNAP boost

Nov 23, 2021
SNAP increases went into effect in October. Inflation has grown a lot since then.
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New research highlights impact of SNAP benefits on rural economy

Oct 22, 2021
The program is also shown to benefit local businesses.
New research shows that SNAP benefits can help local businesses.
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USDA report shows pandemic relief helped hungry families

Sep 9, 2021
SNAP and other safety-net programs buoyed many households, though the pandemic made it harder for families with kids, especially, to access help.
New Yorkers in need receive free produce, dry goods and meat at a Food Bank for New York City distribution event in Brooklyn in July 2020.
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How does increasing SNAP benefits help low-income families?

Kimberly Adams talks to Sharon Parrott, president of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, about the expansion of food assistance.
A grocery store sign alerts customers about food stamp benefits. The Biden administration is expanding food assistance amid a worsening of hunger during the pandemic.
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Work rules for SNAP benefits don't lead to more people working, study finds

Jun 9, 2021
But they do reduce the number of people receiving food assistance.
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