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After 50 years, Sesame Street is still poised for success

Feb 19, 2019
The money and the history behind America's most beloved television show.
Bert (L) and Ernie (R).
Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

Meet 'Sesame Street’s' Julia: A muppet character who’s autistic

Apr 10, 2017
It’s part of an outreach and education program that Sesame Workshop has launched with researchers and autism advocates.
Front row, from left to right: Sesame Street characters Julia (a 4-year-old muppet with autism), Abby Cadabby and Elmo.
© 2017 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. Photo Credit: Zach Hyman

Big Bird heads to HBO as kids TV landscape shifts

Jan 15, 2016
After decades on public television, "Sesame Street" debuts on the pay service

Sesame Street's new address at HBO

Aug 13, 2015
The educational children's show is set to air on the channel for the next five seasons.

The numbers for November 10, 2014

Nov 10, 2014
Sesame Street, ACA round two, and President Obama speaks on net neutrality.

Elmo's two-decade reign as toy king

Nov 27, 2013
Quartz reporter Roberto Ferdman talks about the fuzzy beloved character that has made kids go crazy and parents go crazier since 1996.

'Sesame Street' and the 99%

Oct 4, 2012
The puppet cast of the children's TV show "Sesame Street" represents a cross section of Americans -- from the orphan child Big Bird to the independently wealthy Bert and Ernie to the homeless Oscar the Grouch.

For public good, not for profit.

Sesame Street steps into Indian education business

Jul 24, 2012
Sesame Street has long licensed toys. Now it has entered the for-profit preschool market in India by franchising its curriculum.

Dudamel conducts on 'Sesame Street'

Feb 6, 2012
Beethoven meets Big Bird as Gustavo Dudamel, who created youth orchestras in his native Venezuela, seeks to inspire listeners of "Sesame Street."
Gustavo Dudamel conducts during the presentation of the 'Concierto Sinfonico Binacional' at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo's theatre in Bogota, on Dec. 15, 2010. Dudamel will be appearing on "Sesame Street."