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Google Search may be the most powerful arbiter of internet content

Jan 22, 2024
Websites are making content "to try to game Google results," says Mia Sato of The Verge. What has that done to human creativity?
"There is this tension between what we all want to do on the internet and what makes sense to," said Mia Sato at The Verge. "Because if Google cannot see our work, there's really no point in making it."
Photo illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images

When will the Superb owl start?

Jan 31, 2014
What time is the Super Bowl? (The question is asked more frequently than you'd think).

Did Google punish Expedia for pulling a Rap Genius move?

Jan 22, 2014
Expedia's travel website has been sent to the back of the line in Google's search results.

Panda-ravaged sites have business owners looking for new solutions

Apr 21, 2011
The Wall Street Journal reports on the efforts of companies who have been hit hard by Google's new algorithm designed to cut out spam sites from...

Décor My Eyes guy arrested

Dec 7, 2010
Vitaly Borker runs/ran this website for eyeglasses and the scam he ran was all about search engine optimization. He'd give terrible service, rip...