What you need to know about reverse mortgages ... and their new rules

Sep 29, 2017
These mortgages let seniors take out loans, using their homes as security.
The reflection of blue skies and palm trees are seen in the window of a Countrywide banking and home loans location offering reverse mortgages in Sun City, Arizona.

Elders don't need an app for a Lyft

Mar 30, 2017
The Phoenix area has become a testing ground of sorts for ride-sharing companies in a relatively untapped market.
Lyft and other ride-sharing companies are testing out partnerships with assisted living communities around the Phoenix area, like Park Wood Assisted Living.
Carrie Jung/KJZZ

My Economy: Caring for seniors through art

Mar 23, 2017
Many of the caregivers in nursing homes can't afford health insurance, Martha Rast says.

America is graying — but that’s not such a bad thing.

Sep 19, 2016
The number of seniors is growing — but that doesn't mean the economy is going to sink.
Ted Eytan/Flickr

Niche in elder care: assisted living for LGBT seniors

Sep 12, 2016
As boomers get older, LGBT seniors look for communities where they can live openly.
The dining room at Stonewall Gardens.
Lisa Napoli

Billions in aid for low-income seniors go unclaimed

May 5, 2016
A campaign is trying to connect low-income seniors with government aid.
Many seniors don’t realize how many benefits they're eligible for.

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Receive Social Security? No increase for you next year

Oct 15, 2015
Cost of Living Adjustment is pegged to inflation, which, like old soda, is flat.

Companies start to woo older workers with perks

Dec 9, 2013
Companies who rely on older employees are offering special incentives, from training in new job skills to babysitting services for grandkids.

Tapping into the baby boomer market

Sep 20, 2013
Global spending power among those over 60 is set to hit $15 trillion by the end of this decade, but tapping into that market is a challenge.