More retailers turn to discounts to lure shoppers

May 17, 2023
Target, for example, warned investors of price promotions in the pipeline.
Retailers have increasingly been using discounts and promotions to encourage shoppers to keep spending.
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What Tupperware’s money problems say about direct selling 

Apr 11, 2023
Tupperware's stock tumbled after the company said it needed more capital in order to keep going.
Tupperware's recent stock drop is indicative of larger problems with direct-selling business models.
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After years of too much or too little, a return to just-in-time inventory

Apr 4, 2023
The cycle of shortages and overstocking may be easing, thanks to supply chains restarting in Asia and the cost of storing products.
With inventories in better shape, big promotions and discounts have subsided.
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On Presidents Day, many elect to shop, despite prices 

Feb 20, 2023
Retail sales were up 3% in January from the month before, but some categories — like building supplies — were mostly flat.
While overall retail sales were up 3% in January from the month before, business at building materials stores was mostly flat.
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With retail inventories up 17% since last year, expect sales

Dec 19, 2022
Retailers' inventories in October were nearly 17% higher than a year before.
Inventory levels are 17% higher in October than a year earlier, according to the Commerce Department. That means retailers will likely discount goods to move merchandise.
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With more products on sale, consumers are ready to buy

Aug 25, 2022
Retailers are trying to get rid of excess inventory by marking down certain products. That's likely to lure shoppers.
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Small-business owners are struggling with their supply chains. But they're more optimistic.

Sep 14, 2021
The National Federation of Independent Business reports nearly half of small businesses surveyed raised prices in August.
Supply chain hiccups are translating into higher prices at small businesses, including some stores that sell eyewear.
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For public good, not for profit.

Retailers' holiday sales strategy this year? Fewer, smaller sales

Dec 7, 2020
They're trying to make a profit selling less stuff, but holding the line on prices.
A pedestrian walks past a store advertising a Black Friday sale in New York.
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In China, livestream sales flourish in time of COVID-19

Jul 27, 2020
Struggling retailers hope livestreaming will provide a lifeline. Aspiring influencers don't always strike it rich.
Former livestreaming influencer Sam Tian says making it in the industry is largely a matter of luck.
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China's livestream sales: How brands reach consumers during COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020
Consumer spending plummeted while people stayed home. But Taobao saw livestream sales sessions double on its app.
Songzi during a marathon six-hour livestream broadcast selling cosmetics.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace