This immigrant small businessman brings a taste of Bolivia to his community

Apr 12, 2024
Adrian Espinoza, owner of Empanada Club in Portland, Maine, talks about starting his business dealing with rising costs.
Adrian Espinoza, owner of Empanada Club in Portland, Maine, makes and sells Bolivian style empanadas at farmers markets, festivals and through his online shop.
Courtesy Espinoza

For Black and Latino families, inflation can hit even harder

Jan 18, 2023
A recent New York Fed report finds that households in these demographics have experienced higher-than-average rates of inflation.
Black and Latino households tend to spend a larger proportion of their budgets on necessities like food.
Elijah Nouvelage/AFP via Getty Images

Another price that's rising: The cost of a night in a hotel

Oct 17, 2022
There isn't enough supply and there's too much demand.
Issues sprung from the pandemic are still affecting the hotel industry.
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For producers, inflation is easing just a bit, Labor Department reports

Sep 14, 2022
Producer prices reflect costs throughout the production process. Prices for raw materials are starting to ease.
Price increases have begun to slow in earlier parts of the production process.
Scott Olson/Getty Images