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Fed raises interest rates, with more hikes to come

Jun 13, 2018
The Fed now foresees four rate hikes this year, up from the three it had previously forecast.
Federal Chair Jerome Powell testifying on Capitol Hill last year.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Why some say Fed interest rate hikes are premature

Mar 16, 2017
But wages are starting to rise, Chair Janet Yellen says.
Rising wages are "a signal that we’re coming closer to our maximum employment objectives," Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said at a briefing yesterday.

Unexpected downturn in markets puts time on Fed's side

Jan 26, 2016
Few are expecting another interest rate hike at the Fed meeting this week.

The Fed's rate hike is more baby step than leap

Dec 17, 2015
The central bank will give the economy time to adjust before it acts again.